best way to improve at chess

What is the best way to improve at chess?

All of us want to improve chess as quickly as possible. There is no rocket science to get better at chess easily. You have to work hard for it. There are various ways in chess in which you can implement and grow your level quickly. In this article, we will see the best way to improve at chess and five more ways to improve chess. 

If you really want to improve at chess, you need to spend some time on the daily game. Unfortunately, chess is a very uncertain game, and you cannot expect quick results. But if you work well and properly, then you will definitely see the results.

Why is chess improvement necessary?

This is a very strange question for many chess people. Chess players try to improve their ratings to get titles and achieve norms. Once you increase a few points in chess, you will be motivated to improve more.

Chess improvement is necessary in order to stay competitive and increase one’s chances of winning. Also, you will get a lot of different experiences while improving, which will help you in getting better in real life. You will learn thousands of lessons while traveling for chess tournaments, etc.

Best way to improve at chess

The best and fastest way to improve at chess is by playing and analysis of your games. Whether it’s blitz games or classical games, playing a lot of games is very improvement to improve at chess. 

The first way is to start playing 5 to 7 online games on a daily basis. Then analyze the opening theory in it and update your files correctly. Once you start this process daily, you will end up getting better results after a few days.

If you have time to play in classical tournaments, that’s great! The classical chess format is the only one where you can aim to get titles. If you don’t have time to play classical tournaments, try to play rapid and blitz tournaments which usually happen on the weekend. 

Playing also improves your mental stamina and helps you a lot in getting better at chess.

This is also a great way because it is comparatively easy to play than preparing from books and learning something new. 

But this is not the only way to improve at chess. You need to work on many aspects, such as opening, middlegame, endgame, physical strength, etc. Following are some of the other ways in chess which will help you to become a better chess player.

Five fastest ways to improve your chess

  • Hire a chess coach- Hiring a chess coach is a nice way to improve your chess level quickly. You can hire a chess coach from or on lichess. Before hiring any chess coach, you need to cross-check all the data which he is saying. Many chess coaches fake a lot; you need to be aware of that.
  • Study Books- Studying chess books might be boring, but it will definatly improve your level slowly/ You need to work a lot on this, and it is also important to choose books according to your requirements. We have already written many best chess book suggestion articles. You can check it out here.
  • Study basic openings and endgames- Understanding chess fundamentals is one of the key elements to improving at chess. There are various chess concepts in openings and endgames which you must know. For endgames, you should definitely study 100 endgames you must know. To study chess openings, you can just watch many youtube videos.
  • Watch and follow the latest games and tournaments- Following the latest chess tournaments and watching all games will also help you a lot in general. This is not the way in which you can make a lot of improvements. But you should spend 10-15% of your time studying the latest chess games and tournaments.

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In conclusion, you need to work hard to improve your chess rating. Following only one way will not help you as much as following various things. As James Clear mentioned, you need to improve by 1% daily in order to improve 35-40% in a year. You should open a chess board and practice regularly to get better at chess.


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