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How to Improve Rating on Chess com?

Improving the rating is a dream of every chess player. No one wants to maintain the same rating. The first thing you have to do to improve your chess rating is to practice more and more. But in this article, we are talking about How to Improve Rating on Chess com.

When you are trying to improve your online rating, there are a few hacks you can use which we will see in this article. Of course, the priority is your strength. Most of us cannot win against Magnus Carlsen by using this type of hack as he is a very strong player.

To become a strong player, start solving chess puzzles, watch all top-level games and play more and more tournaments.

By using all tricks, you can expect a 10-15% growth. This growth is directly proportional to your level. 

These hacks are useful for all online games whether it’s on or any other website. I would highly recommend you stick to only one website or a maximum of two websites. and Lichess give the best playing experience. 

Enable Pre Move Option

Enabling pre move option is just a great way to save your time. allows a pre-move option. In pre-move, you can make 8-10 moves which are automatically made. Pre-move is also always risky for beginner players. Whenever you are doing pre-move, always find opponent resources. You can see by the following example

Many people pre-move Bg7 here but white plays white can play Bh6!! This is a blunder but because you made a pre-move, black is now just lost. If you haven’t played this move, It is just lost for white as black can just take B*g7.

Play a Lot of Games

This is another way of fast improvement. Playing a lot of games will eventually improve your tactical ability and overall understanding. Try to play atleast 8-10 blitz games daily. Imagine if you play 10 games daily for the next 100 days and analyze it properly, you will have 1000 games database with you. It will be a lot easier than playing against anyone.

The main benefit is you will get an understanding of thousands of different positions as you play more and more games. Many people are against this method but this is the best modern way to improve chess. 

Enable Auto Queen Option

Go to settings and turn on this option. This will make auto queen whenever you will your pawn on 8th rank. If it is disabled, will ask you to choose a piece.

Enabling this option will save you precious time. Because, when you queen, usually it’s in endgame position and you will have time trouble. In time pressure, every second is important.

But the question is what if we don’t want to promote the queen? Then, just press the control button and promote the pawn. This time, they will ask you which piece you want to promote. 

This feature is available only on and on lichess. On another platform, hopefully, they will add a spoon. 

Manage time pressure

Time pressure management is a key element in online Blitz games. The best way to develop this is to play as many games as possible. The best way to manage time pressure is to play quickly when it’s a forced move. 

Also when you are down to 1-minute start playing quick moves and don’t think about future and concrete plans. Just focus only on good moves and try not to blunder

Play simple openings

Playing simple and easy openings in online Blitz games gives a time advantage over the opponent. Opening knowledge is essential to get a good chess player. To become a strong chess player, choose main lines atleast from black. Following are the few openings which you can play in Blitz games to save a ton of time. Playing this opening is very easy and you can make the first 10 moves very quickly.

King’s Indian Attack

In King’s Indian Attack white starts with Nf3 and develops the bishop via g2. This opening is very easy to play for white and the first 10 modes are very easy. The best part of this opening is there are only a few plans for white and all give a playable position. 

Pirc Defense

Pirc opening is played against 1.e4. This opening is also very tactical and sharp. The best part of this opening is black plays obvious moves. It saves a lot of time

Various openings are easy to play but it is important to find the best opening which is suitable for you. You should choose openings in which you get your comfort zone.

Never play games when your mood is off

This is very important. Many players play games after coming from their job or when they are tired. You should play online games when you are happy. If you are feeling dull or lazy then you should avoid playing online games on or lichess

Never play games in excitement 

How to Improve Rating on Chess com

Usually when we lose or win continuously then we start playing games and we don’t stop there. 

Eventually, our brain gets tired and needs rest.

Usually, when a player loses 5 to 6 games in a row, they start playing more and more games hoping to get at least one win.

To avoid this the best way is to play fix number of games and decide before starting the first game. Usually playing 8 to 10 games daily is the ideal situation.


Overall Chess improvement is a long-term process and you have to do regular practice. The above tips and tricks can help you to improve your online chess ratings. If you want to become a good and strong chess player then you should focus more on solving puzzles, preparing a good opening repertoire, and playing on the board tournaments. About tips are useful for beginner players or hobby-level players who want to improve their rating quickly


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