How to Make Your Child a Chess Champion

How to Make Your Child a Chess Champion?

In this article, we are going to see how to make your child a chess champion.

Many people think that becoming the title player in chess for winning any tournament is a piece of cake. In reality, you are to work hard for it.

To make your child a chess champion you have to do a lot of things which include choosing the right chess coach and understanding that winning and losing is a part of the game.

Improving in chess is a long-term process. You have to give at least 23 years to expect some Returns. 

How to Make Your Child a Chess Champion?

Start Chess at the right age

Starting chess at the right age is very important. The child should start playing chess at the age of 5-10. Currently, there is a lot of competition in the world in any field. so it is better to start a chess career as early as possible.

Ultimately, the decision of when to start should be based on the individual child’s interests, maturity level, and attention span.

Choose a good chess coach

It is very much important to have at least one coach who can teach chess to your child. choosing and getting a good coach is very difficult. many chess coaches just try to make money and that’s why they will not teach your child seriously. this same happens with many chess Academies.

You can choose the chess coach best in your city because he can teach your child on the board and not online. online teaching it’s not a bad idea but offline chess teaching is always preferable.

These articles will help you to understand how to choose a good coach.

Let your child enjoy chess

You cannot force your child to play chess. it is very important to enjoy chess games if a child wants to become master level player. 

I have seen many cases where parents force their children to play and learn chess but children don’t like a chess game.

It is better to understand this in the initial months to save your money, energy, and efforts.

Although chess coach plays a big factor in this. because a coach can teach chess in such a way that your kid starts liking chess. 

Regular Chess Practice

Apart from chess coaching, it is very important to practice regularly on the board. A chess coach can help you till a certain point but it doing regular chess practice will make a kid a better chess player. 

Usually, children don’t like to practice. they just want to play chess. In that case, a coach can give homework to your child or even parents can sit with a kid so that kid can take chess practice seriously. 

If your kid is not practicing well then the best idea is to have multiple coaches or join multiple chess clubs so that child will get good practice.

Setbacks and Losses

It is very important to understand setbacks and losses will happen in chess. This point is also very important for parents because usually, they don’t understand losses are a part of a chess game. most parents only want to see victories in every game but practically it is impossible to win every chess game.

There are thousands of possibilities in chess and hundreds of different mistakes can happen. A chess player can only control not making the same mistake multiple Times. 

For parents, I would recommend you to read multiple sports Psychology books.

The Role of Parents in a Child’s Chess Education 

This is also a very important point. parents’ role is very much important in kids’ chess careers. Children cannot decide things, they usually don’t understand about money, etc. 

Make sure that your kid is enjoying chess and that it’s not a burden for them. Also, think about the future in chess. Many parents start chess in excitement and then drop the plan due to not getting expected returns. Watch the following video of the father of Gukesh D who crossed his rating 2700+ at the age of 17.

Play a lot of chess tournaments

Playing a lot of chess tournaments is a part of chess practice. The child should play many tournaments in the year. If you are from big cities, then in most cases, a lot of 1-day events happen. If you are from a small city, try to find events in nearby cities.

The major issue involved is the kid cannot travel by himself. The parent has to come with him. The best way is to find tournaments on weekends and holidays. 

To execute this, you have to plan 2-3 months early. 

Keep your child happy

Make sure that your child is happy in this process. If your child is not happy with playing tournaments, playing chess, traveling, etc., there is no point then. 

You can force them to play chess but the long-term outcome will be bad. If your child is practicing by himself, he enjoys traveling and playing the game then you should continue his chess career. 

Here are some of the common questions asked by parents who want to teach chess to their children. 

What is the best age to start chess?

The best age to start chess is between 6-8. Although if you don’t want to make a career in chess then you can start at any age. 

There is the concept of adult improver where people start their chess journey at the age of 25-40 and still manage to get good ratings and win some tournaments. 

How do you prepare a child for a chess tournament?

To prepare the child for a chess tournament, the first thing is confidence. Boost your child’s confidence and imbibe them that he or she can win the event no matter how competition is hard. Here are a few points which can help you to understand more. 

1- Eat good and light food in between tournament

2- Don’t talk with other tournament participants between tournaments.

3- Focus and meditate before every round.


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