Book Review : Chess Brilliancy

Author of the Book – Iakov Dawsky

Publishing Year – 2002

Published By – Everyman Chess

What to Expect?

Chess Brilliancy is a very interesting book. This book presents you with 250 classic brilliancies which were rewarded for their elements. One can expect a lot of power-packed games with huge creativity. A small introduction about the games or the tournament and games with fewer variations and few insights from players. Some of the games are positional while some are attacking some show deep calculations while some blow up our imagination.

What is a Unique thing in this Book?

This book throws light on the era when several tournaments used to award prizes for the best games for the round and for the event. I have to appreciate the author for his efforts in compiling these 250 games and maintaining standings of prizes.

For whom will this book suit the best?

This book is a Gem. Anyone who has studied chess for over 6 months or knows the basics and some normal tactics can enjoy this book. According to me, this book can be studied repetitively to enjoy the beauty of chess.

Even for club players, this book is suitable. The only drawback of this book is limited analysis. But you can do it by yourself.

What did I like?

I enjoyed each and every game. I have studied some games 4-5 times! As they are so interesting and have also made a deep impression on me.  I appreciate every game in this book but to give a glimpse of this book, Below I share with you 3 games I liked the most.

White to Play
Black to Play
White to Play. Nowadays this move is a theory!

Check the games below to see if you got the moves right!

From where can you buy this Book?

This book is rarely available in the physical book shop. You can purchase it from

About the Book Author

Iakov Damsky, a Russian sports journalist, is also an experienced chess writer and he has written books viz Attack with Mikhail Tal (with Mikhail Tal) The Art of Defence in Chess (with Lev Polugayevsky), and The Heavy Pieces in Action.

About the publisher

Everyman Chess, formerly known as Cadogan Chess, is a major publisher of books and CDs about chess. “Everyman” is a registered trademark of Random House and the company headquarters is in London. Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is their chief advisor and John Emms is the general editor, assisted by Richard Palliser. The company is now known as “Gloucester Publishers”.


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