The Sicilian Defense is the most popular opening from the black side. The Sicilian defense is a response to white 1st move E4. New In
In the previous article, I shared a strategic game played beautifully by our Former World Champion Bobby Fischer. Today we see a dynamic game which is currently the best chess-playing perform in the world.  They have currently more than 40 million-plus users. This site using a freemium model in
Today we continue the series of Nimzo Indian where I will share some of my knowledge of the Nimzo Indian. In today’s article, I share
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What is Nimzo Indian Defence? Against which move is it applicable? Who are the top players to follow in the opening? What are the plans? is currently the number 1 chess website in the world. They have more than 40 million users all around the world. In this article,
Winning a game in Chess gives pleasure. When we manage to checkmate our opponent the joy is of a unique level. There are a lot
Every chess player must know the thoughts and quotes of top chess players. Many chess quotes will motivate you. here is a list of chess