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Chessly Review: Is it worth it?

Chessly is a website created by IM Levy Rozman to sell chess courses. In this article, we are going to see more details about chessly. 

In the past, Gotham Chess, aka Levy Rozman, was selling his courses on a course platform where he found the problem that he could not add the custom functionality required for chess players. Chess players usually require access to the engine on the same platform, puzzles features, etc. Because of this, he decided to create his own platform and named it chessly

Chessly is similar to chessable but with more powerful features. As you know, chessable is the world’s best chess course creation platform; it is too early to say that chessly is a competitor of chessable.

What is Chessly?

Chessly is basically a chess course platform where all titled chess players can upload their courses. This platform is launched in 2022 by GothamChess. Chessly aims to provide high-quality chess courses. Currently, chessly hosts nine chess courses which are created by Levy Rozman. Chessly can become a major platform in upcoming years as they are coming up with various features. 

Who is Chessly’s Founder?

Chessly is founded by GothamChess, whose real name is IM Levy Rozman. During the global pandemic, he became very popular, and currently, he is the top chess streamer and content creator on Twitch and Youtube. 

He also gained the International Master title in 2018. Obviously, he is a strong chess player. Levy took retirement from professional chess recently and now focusing on content creation and his new business, chessly. 

Levy Rozman

Why Chessly Started?

Levy found that there is no perfect platform to host chess courses. Many platforms which are providing chess courses are not that perfect. There are some features lacking. Due to this, he started this platform which turned out to be a super game changer. I have seen the chessly platform, and believe me, it has a lot of potentials. 

Chessly provides many features like drills, puzzles, etc. Also, all the courses have a massive free version available which you can watch first and buy later. 

Chessly Features

Lesson Drills

In lesson drills, you can revise your opening easily. You can easily play with a computer on the same platform and analyze your mistake. Hopefully, they will introduce a feature where you can save the same game. 

Lesson Quizzes

Some courses come with quizzes, and I am sure that many quizzes will be added in the future. Quizzes are the best way to generate a retention rate. 

Engine Analysis

You can also do engine analysis on the same platform. This will also save you time to go on other platforms and use the engine there. 

Free Trial

The first chapter is free in each course. Even you don’t need to sign up to watch free content. I recommend everyone to watch atleast free videos. You will not regret it!

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Chess Courses on Chessly

Currently, there are nine chess courses hosted on chessly. All these courses are created by GothamChess. In their Q&A section, chessly said that they would add more and more courses by titled players. Right now, you have to purchase each course individually. 

Currently, the following courses are listed on the platform

  • Beginner Chess
  • C6 Caro Kann
  • D4 Dynamite
  • E4 New York Style
  • E6/B6 Defense
  • G6 Modern Defense
  • Gambits for Black
  • Gambits for White
  • Intermediate Chess

Chessly pricing

Each course on chessly is originally priced at $64, which is expensive for sure. It will be interesting to see their pricing strategy in the future. 

Chessly Plus

In Levy’s youtube video, he said that chessly would introduce chessly plus, which will come with a monthly subscription fee where you gain access to all the courses. They will also provide live classes in the plus subscription. The price of chessly plus will be around $10. It will be launched before December 2022. 

Chessly vs. Chessable

This is a very interesting comparison. Chessable is by far the best course-creation platform for chess coaches. It is also owned by Play Magnus group and has a lot of funding. Right now, we really cannot compare it with chessly. But there are a few points where chessly is better. Right now, chessly doesn’t have dozens of chess courses on its platform.

Hopefully, they will speed up and add in 2023. But if they successfully add many chess courses and develop a chessly premium model, it will be a huge game changer. 

Chessable has its own move trainer technology, which is highly effective in improving chess. Obviously, it is very difficult to create such technology, atleast in the upcoming few years. 

Chessable also has a course with almost all top chess players, which is a major advantage.

Chessly has an interesting feature called drills, but it is not as powerful as a move trainer.

Overall, chessly requires a lot of improvement compared to chessable. But if they do everything right and in a speedy process, chessly can become a giant in the chess world.

Chessly Alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives available for chessly. These platforms also provide high-quality chess courses at the lowest cost. Here are some of the best chess alternatives for Chessly

Modern Chess

Modern Chess is a chess course-selling website founded by 2 Grandmasters. They have high-quality, in-depth courses by famous Grandmasters. Most of the courses are priced at $20-80. We have a special offer with Modern Chess. You will get a flat 45% off using coupon code Nikhil45. This coupon code is valid for sitewide purchases.

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Chessable is no doubt the number one website for chess courses. Anyone can create a chess course and sell it on a chessable. Chessable has its flagship product called Lifetime Repertoire. There are hundreds of chess courses on openings, middlegame, and endgame, which you will get between $10-75.

They also have their movetrainer technology, where you can play and practice on the same website. is no doubt the most famous chess website in the world. They also have hundreds of chess courses as well as hundreds of lessons on their platform.

If you are a beginner and just starting Chess, I would highly recommend Platinum membership, where you will get to watch unlimited chess courses for a year. have videos on all topic ranging from beginner to advance players.

We have written an entire article about the membership review, which you can read here.

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Chessmood is a chess course and community membership platform created by Armenian Grandmaster Avetik Grigoryan. Chessmood sells there membership with many benefits, such as videos on demand, community, and live streams.

All the members of their team are grandmasters. We have already reviewed the chessmood platform in this article.

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Is Chessly Worth It?

We come to a final conclusion. I would say Yes. The courses are expensive but not beyond imagination. I believe $64 is a moderately high price. Usually, chessbase courses usually cost $30-35 with 3-5 hours runtime, and most chessable courses cost $100+.

It is interesting to see how chessly changes there plans and strategies. 

I would say that chessly is a small business that will improve in the next few years. You can support them so that we can see more high-quality chess and potentially increase the number of chess players. 

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