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Best Aimchess Alternatives in 2023

We are living in a world where AI surrounds us. Chess is no exception to this. With the help of AI and machine learning, the founders of Aimchess are able to make an exceptional application that currently has no real competitors. Although, there are a few Aimchess alternatives that are worth mentioning for those who don’t want to buy another subscription.

What is Aimchess?

Aimchess is an online chess tool that helps you to analyze all of your games and tell your mistakes through artificial intelligence. Aimchess is the best chess tool in the market thatthat uses AI. Currently, Aimchess supports lichess and platforms from where they can fetch your games. 

In 2021, Play Magnus acquired Aimchess, and hence Aimchess became part of the Play Magnus group. In 2022, Play Magnus Group merged with, and that’s why Aimchess now comes under after a recent acquisition. 

With the help of Aimchess, you can also train from your games. Aimchess creates puzzles based on your games. You can also share all these data with your coach.

Aimchess works on Freemium Model. Some of the features are free, and to unlock all the features, you need to buy their premium membership. The membership costs $7.99 per month or 57.99 a year. We have written a full Aimchess review which you can read here

How can Aimchess help you in chess improvement?

Aimchess not only helps players but is also useful for chess coaches. Chess coaches can load the student’s games and analyze them through AI. By doing this, they will save a lot of time and effort. Here are some of the features which Aimchess provides to you to improve your game.

  • Aimchess helps to give insights about your opening performance. It will tell you your opening mistakes and necessary improvement.
  • Suggestions to improve your time management.
  • Conversion of advantage from a better position to a winning position.
  • Tell us about resources available in the game.
  • Helpful for a chess coach to analyze their student’s games saving a lot of time.

Is Aimchess free?


Aimchess has both free and paid plans. In free plans, you will get an analysis of your 40 recent games and a weekly personalized study plan. 

In the premium plan, you will get many exciting features that are really useful for improving chess players. The premium plan costs $7.99 per month or $57.99 per year. I would recommend a yearly plan for everyone as it will save you a lot of money. They also have a free trial where you can use all the benefits and test them out. Following are the salient features of Aimchess.

  • Last 1000 games analysis by top-quality AI
  • 2X deeper analysis
  • Fetch games from lichess or or chess24
  • Share data with your coach or friends
  • Puzzles and suggestions according to your games.


Best Aimchess alternatives

As we have seen, currently, there is no competitor who can give better AI service than Aimchess; there are few other options that are available for paid or free. We will go to the three best Aimchess alternatives to help you improve your strength. insights

This is an amazing tool by By using this, you will get detailed profile insights. You will receive data such as game reports, game shapes, accuracy level, Move quality, game quality, etc. 

The main drawback of insights is you cannot get insights beyond games, i.e., lichess or chess24. I know many players who play on lichess. For them, it becomes difficult.

You will also need a Diamond Membership to get access to full insights. Diamond membership costs $119 per year, which is quite more expensive than Aimchess. But diamond membership will give you access to other ton of features. 

You can read our full review article before making your decision. 

Lichess Game Analysis and Insights tool

Like, lichess also provides an insights tool similar to the game analysis tool. Lichess insights provide you with various filters which you can apply and filter according to your needs. 

This filter includes opening filters, Castling, time pressure, Game termination, game result, etc. Again, lichess insights have some limitations which cannot cater to all the needs. 

Both of the above insights tools don’t have any advanced AI feature which can assist you better. Obviously, Aimchess AI can be improved a lot, but it is the best technology you can get right now.

Lichess Insights vs. Insights vs. Aimchess 

We have seen both and lichess insights features. But trust me, Aimchess is really far better than this. On Aimchess, you will get different types of downloadable charts and graphs, which are quite easy to understand. 

Aimchess also provides puzzles according to your mistakes. It also gives different suggestions. 


Overall, Aimchess membership is totally value for money for improving chess players. If you are a hobby player, you can continue using or the lichess analysis feature. If you use Aimchess properly, I am sure that if you use Aimchess properly, you will definitely improve your chess game. 



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