best chess sets under $300

6 Best Chess Sets Under $300

Are you considering buying a new chess set but don’t want to spend much money? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best chess sets under $300 available in the USA. These sets are made from high-quality materials and feature beautiful designs that impress any chess player.

Whether you want to buy a wooden or marble set, several options exist. These sets are unique and have been carefully made with attention to detail. You can elevate your game and upgrade your level by choosing one of these chess sets.

List of 6 Best Chess Sets Under $300

TTC games Premium Chess Set

The Ttc Games Premium Chess Set is among the best chess sets under $300. with chess pieces made from a durable resin and concrete composite material, with brass bases for added stability. The chess set comes in a lovely walnut wood box with natural brown tones and delicate wood grain, making it an excellent addition to any living area or game room.

The chess pieces are standard size; the height of the pawns is 8 cm, and the king is 8 cm tall, with respective base diameters of 8 cm and 5 cm. The squares On the board are 1×1.14-inch. Due to its great features, The Ttc Games Premium Chess Set is among the best chess sets under $300.

Design Toscano Gods of Greek Mythology Complete Chess Set

Play a game of chess with the mighty gods of Greek mythology with this complete chess set by Design Toscano. The set includes 16 individually sculpted playing pieces of Greek gods, with Zeus and Aphrodite as the king and queen.

The deluxe wooden chess board has walnut and maple veneer inlays and is finished with a durable varnish. This exclusive set makes for a historical treasure and an excellent family heirloom. With a height of 6.5″ and a weight of 5 lbs, this chess set is one of the best chess sets under $300 that an adult will enjoy.

Jack Daniel’s Chess Set by M. Cornell

A brand new Jack Daniel’s Chess Set by M. Cornell, perfect for whiskey collectors and chess enthusiasts alike. The set features highly detailed, sculpted, and painted pieces, including the iconic Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 whiskey bottle as the king piece.

The wooden board is top-quality and branded with Jack Daniel’s logo, measuring 15-12 in.W x 15-12 in.D x 2-14 in.H. The board also doubles as a carrying case for the pieces, making it easy to take the set on the go. The chess set is in excellent condition and comes in its original box with no chips or breaks.

Enjoy the best chess sets under $300 game with a twist of Jack Daniel’s flair.

The Club Series Chess Set 

This chess set is a replica of the ones used in famous chess tournaments and clubs in the US. It has a 3.75″ king with a 1.5″ diameter base, handcrafted from high-grade wood and heavily weighted with billiard cloth base pads. The set includes 34 pieces, including four queens.

The chessboard is made of Mahogany and Maple with a Mahogany frame, has 2″ or 2.25″ squares, and is 0.5″ thick with a satin finish. It also has the House of Staunton logo silk-screened on it and rank and file labels for easy training.

The slide-top chess box has a Frank Camaratta Signature logo on the lid, can hold Chessmen with 4.4″ King, and is lined with green velour with removable green pillows for divided storage compartments.

The French Lardy Tournament Series Wood Chess Set

The French Lardy Tournament Series Wood Chess Set is a top-quality chess set perfect for tournament play. The set has a 3.75″ King, a 1.5″ diameter base, and four queens. The Mahogany & Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board is crafted in Europe and has a satin finish, making it an excellent training tool.

The board measures 21.25″ x 21.25″, and the House of Staunton logo is silk-screened on the h1 square. The Slide-Top Chess Box is perfect for storing your chess pieces and comes with a green velour lining and removable green “pillow” for each of the divided compartments.

The Frank Camaratta Signature logo is silk-screened on the lid of the box. This set is unmatched in its design, quality, and craftsmanship and is the best chess set under $300.

The Ambassador Insert Chess Set- Brown

This handcrafted wood chess set from Europe is both beautiful and functional. Made of high-quality sycamore natural and stained wood, the set features an artistic reinterpretation of the Staunton pattern, with each piece hand-burnt by skilled artisans.

The king and queen pieces feature contrasting wood crowns, adding to the set’s visual appeal. The chess board has a rich lacquered finish and can be folded in half for easy storage, with fitted compartments inside for the pieces. With a 4.2″ king height and a 20.5″ x 20.5″ board footprint, this set is the perfect size for a challenging and visually stunning chess game.


Finding the perfect chess set that fits your budget can be difficult, but we hope our list of the 6 best chess sets under $300 has made it easier for you. Whether you’re an advanced player or just starting, these sets provide quality and style at an affordable range. So, take a break from your search and enjoy playing chess on a budget-friendly yet good-quality chess set.


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