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7 chess tips to win every game you play on chess.com

In this article, we are going to see the 10 chess tips to win every game you play on chess.com or any other chess websites such as lichess or play chess. If you are a beginner player then defiantly this article will help you a lot.

Currently, chess is growing at 10x speed due to the movie queen’s gambit and that’s why competition on chess.com has increased quite a lot. A lot of players are playing online chess. Let’s see the top 10 chess tips to win every chess game you play on chess.com. Some tips are maybe not useful or you will not like that tips.

Solve puzzles before playing 

Solving small tactics sharpens your play. Try to solve at least 10 easy puzzles on lichess or chess.com wherever you like. For beginners, solving puzzles is key to improving your rating.

Just start solving puzzles before playing any games. Take a little hard puzzle than your actual level.


Concentrate on your game only. Many players listen to songs or eat in-between games. don’t do that. If you really want to win then you have to concentrate. Concentration is the key to winning your game.

For improving your concentration you can practice meditation or yoga before playing games. Even if you do daily yoga and meditation then it will be beneficial for you in all aspects of life.

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Don’t Accept the takebacks 

This is the rule specifically for beginner players. Don’t accept takeback ever. You are not doing charity. Most people will not accept takeback and you should also do the same. I see many players accept takeback and lose their game and then post on the Facebook group. So the better way is not to give takeback.

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Invest in Mouse

A lot of players play with a laptop touchpad. I will insist you purchase a good quality mouse and mousepad for you to play a better game. You can play defiantly fast with a mouse.

A good mouse will cost anywhere between $10-$30. Every second is important in online chess games. In the blitz game, you will at least save 5-7 seconds by using the mouse.

Stick to one opening

People don’t prepare for online games. Most play to spend their time or to do time pass. So it is better if you stick to one opening with black and one with white only. Day by day you will gain experience in playing those positions and you will get confident.

You can study good openings from various books or lichess and chess.com itself. It is the best way to learn to open from the coach. A coach can train you better than self-study.

Play limited games 

Don’t play too many games in one day. I will suggest that playing a maximum of 9 -11 in a day will be best. If you play too many games then you will get bored and results will not come properly.

Focus on that 10 games and give your best. The other side of playing limited games is that you will also feel the scarcity of games and so effectively you will concentrate on the games more.

Study basic endgames

Endgame position came in the last moves and at the same time, you face time pressure. Studying basic chess endgames is very important for players. Just start with 100 endgames you must know the book. In this book, he has given the best practical position that every player should know. This book is a little bit difficult to do daily 5-6 positions and after finishing, again do 5-6 positions. The best way to do that is to buy a chessable course for the endgame. You will learn a lot from that book.



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