18 Best Chess Sets Under $50

Chess is one of the most brilliant games anyone could come across, and it requires immense intelligence and gimmicks to defend the opponent. This is considered one of the most incredible and captivating games ever and is highly recommended for children and adults of all ages.

If you are interested in chess and want to play and improve your caliber, you must undoubtedly have a decent chess set that will last longer. By searching online, you might find hundreds of companies and websites that provide chess sets; however, if you are looking for something affordable and under $50, look no more, for we have your back.

In this article, we have found some top chess sets for you, so you do not have to browse the internet. Check out the article to learn more.

List Of 18 Best Chess Sets Under $50

Before going to the list, the following is our best pick. It’s the best chessboard and chess set I have ever seen.

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Best Chess Set Ever

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4X Quadruple Weighted Staunton Pieces, with 20 in x 20 in Foldable Double-Sided Silicone Board, XL Super Heavyweight Edition

Best Chess Set Ever Review

1. Regulation Tournament Chess Pieces and Cinch Chess Board Bag Combo

A simple and affordable chess set that comes in handy for beginners and experts is the best one under $50, which you could quickly get your hands on. This set comes in a 23.5″ x 25″ chess board bag with 2.25″ squares and well-defined squared edges on an 18″ printed playing board outside the bag.

You can easily fit all your required stuff, such as books, magazines, clocks, stationery, scorebooks, and much more, in the bag provided. 

2. 12″ Magnetic Travel Chess and Checkers Set

The 12″ magnetic travel chess and checkers set is a terrific deal under the $50 range. This is the most suitable chess set under $50 for anyone looking to purchase it for the long run at an affordable price. It comes in a snap-closed plastic crate with hinges that display up to 12″ playing boards with 1.38″ squares.

The enticing details and designed pieces stay in position with the magnetic base, which enables them to be firmly placed irrespective of how you hold them.

This magnetic set can be easily folded and seamlessly fit into the bag. This magnetic set is the best present for a serious chess player or chess enthusiast, so you can also purchase it for someone else.

3. Regulation Tournament Chess Board Set

You must look at this one to buy a high-quality, reasonably-priced chess set. It is the finest chess set under $50. These chessmen are great for tournament play, schools, and chess clubs, fulfilling all the US Chess Federation rules and tournament requirements.

Moreover, this chessmen set comes with two additional queens, which helps you promote the pawn events, and the total number of chessmen in this product is 34.

4. Standard Chess Set Combination: Single Weighted Regulation Pieces

The chess game Experience Standard chess sets’ beauty and quality with Standard Chess Set Combination, perfect for those searching for adequate chess sets under $50. It is also available in various color combinations that you can choose from, and each variety has two additional queens.

And the great deal is that this set also comes with a bag that easily fits on your chessboard. The vinyl tournament board with 2.25-inch Squares is ideal for beginners.

5. 2-Player Chess Set Combination: single-weighted Regulation Colored Chess Piece and regulation Vinyl Chess Board

Here is another top-quality chess set for $50 that you must check out. This set has 34 chessmen in total, of which two additional chessmen are queens, which could be used in events for pawn promotion.

It has a traditional Staunton pattern and is single-weighted. The product uses rigid plastic that will last longer even after rugged use. This is easily transportable and can be rolled into a tight tube shape. The best part is that this chess set is manufactured out of high-grade vinyl and resists dirt, tearing, and spills with its 2.25″ Square size.

6. Chess Armory Chess Sets: 15-inch Magnetic Wooden Chess Set Board Game

One of the finest chess sets under $50 is considered one of the finest deals you will ever have. A sturdy wooden 15-inch magnetic chessboard that helps keep all the chessmen in place until you move them.

It also comes with a free online chess learning course that enables you to begin your game journey seamlessly without any hassle. This 15″ magnetic board has squares, each 1.625″ x 1.625″ of smooth inlaid walnut.

7. A&A 15-inch Wooden Folding Chess board and Checkers Set 

This chess game board is made of natural beech wood and has a smooth finish without any texture. If you have children and are concerned about safety, this chess set is for you, as it has a mini bracket that helps provide better protection.

You can also avail yourself of an extended warranty of up to a year and get the chess pieces free of charge if your dog eats them. This chess set includes 24 checker pieces on a 15-inch board with 1.57-inch files and ranks. The King stands at a height of twice the square.

8. Kangaroo: The Best Folding Wooden Board Set 

The best chess set for $50 is the Kangaroo 15.5-inch folding wooden Set. This complete wooden folding board also has magnetic closures and easy storage that help you store all your chess pieces in one place.

This is very suitable for both kids and adults. The felted interior at the bottom helps prevent scratches and keeps all kinds of stuff intact as well as possible. This is also a perfect gift that you could present to your family or friends.

9. Peradix 15″ Magnetic Wooden Chess Set 

This Peradix 15″ Magnetic Wooden Chess Set is ideal for schools, tournaments, clubs, and more. The folding size of this chess board is 15 x 7.4 x 2 inches, and you can easily enjoy the two different ways of playing the board game.

It has a seamless wooden finish with a metal latch where you can easily reserve all your chessmen. The foldable design will help you keep your space clutter-free, adding an element to your decor when you are not using it. Moreover, this set comes with two additional queens and is an ideal gift product.

10. ASNEY Upgraded Magnetic Chess Set, 15″ Tournament Staunton Wood Chess Board Game Set

One of the most suitable chess sets for $50 is here, which comes with some of the finest features and complementary items, such as two additional chessmen, a bag, a 100% refund guarantee, a strong magnet, a foldable board, and much more.

This board is 167.92.4 inches long and weighs about 3.15 pounds, making it easier to hold and handle anywhere. This is recommended for children six years of age and older. Moreover, the smooth texture and finish of the board will help prevent scratches.

11. Demiwise 15″ Wooden Chess Sets, Chess and checkers Set with 2 Extra Queens, Foldable Wood Chess Set Board

Are you looking for the finest chess set for $50? Then look no further, for here is the finest option available within your budget. This 15 x 15″ board weighs about 2.4 pounds and is entirely made of excellent-quality wood.

This chess set has some versatile features that will blow your mind. The features include a high-quality chessboard, an easy-to-store transport facility, the best chess set for gifting, a beautiful walnut color, and a smooth finish. Therefore, this is the best deal that falls within your range.

12. Hurdaos Chess Set  

Are there any good chess sets for $50? Well, we’ve got your back with this. The Hurdaos chess set is the most feasible and pocket-friendly option available. This comes with 34 magnetic chessmen; the extended board size is 15151, and the folded size is 157122, which is easy to store and comes with a portable size of 2.71 pounds. You can also store all the chessmen inside the board when folded in half, preventing the pieces’ scattering.

13. A&A 15-inch Wooden Folding Chess Set 

Are you unsure of what to give your loved ones as a gift? Then here is what you can gift: A&A is the most pleasing chess set under $50, making it an ideal choice for your friends and family. The chessboard has an ideal size of 1515 inches and a folding size of 157122 inches.

This classy and sturdy design will make you fall in love with it, as it has a walnut and maple inlay and two extra queens, making your game much more enjoyable.

14. OUMODA Luxury Magnetic Wood Chess Game Set 

If you want stylish chess pieces and a luxury chess set, this is undoubtedly the best for $50. The dimensions of this OUMODA Luxury Chess Set are 15 x 15″ with complete woodwork and a luxurious chess set.

This can be used for playing chess or home decor, as it looks highly stylish and adds a touch to the display. This chess set is again an excellent option for gifting chess lovers.

15. US Chess Quiver Tournament Chess Set Combination

Here is a new US Chess Quiver set typically designed for tournaments and scholastic advanced players. This is the best chess set under $50, including the combination of a regulation single-weighted plastic set of chess pieces and our US chess-branded premium Vinyl board.

It also comes with a quiver bag. The size of this board is 20 by 20 inches and is an ideal deal for beginners to showcase their pride in chess. The best feature is that it can be rolled into a tight tube, making it easier to carry.

16. Drawstring Chess Set Combination with Mousepad Board and Single-Weighed Pieces

This chess set is a good option for buying the drawstring chess set combination with a mousepad board and single-weighed pieces. The drawstring bag makes storage and transport much more accessible than ever. The chessboard footprint is 2020 inches and comes in various color combinations, letting you choose the best one.

17. Basic Chess Set Combination with Silicone Chess Board and Single Weighted Regulation Plastic Chess Pieces

If you are looking for a silicon chess board that is the best under $50, then look no more, for this is the most viable option that is right before you. This silicon chessboard has dimensions of 20 x 20 inches and comes with two additional queens that could be used for pawn promotion. When in doubt, you can opt for this without any second thought.

18. A&A Tournament Chess Set, 20”x20” Foldable Silicone Chess Board

If you want a luxurious chess set, this one is for you. This best chess set at $50 looks like a dream with the perfect color combination and a fancy velvet bag that can easily store everything. The board’s material is superior silicon, and the pieces are HIPS Plastic. The low saturation of the set will prevent eye strain and enable maximum focus. This set is a great deal.


How much does playing with a decent chessboard cost?

Starting your gameplay and looking for a decent board will cost you between $18 and $45. You can get two additional chessmen and a bag to carry your related stuff within this price range.

What is the most popular chess set?

MTM Wood and JLP WoodWorking provide the world’s best and most popular chessboards for players with exceedingly premium-quality wood and the remarkably smooth finish it requires.

Which is the best chess set for $50 for gifting?

The A&A 15-inch Wooden Folding Chess and Checkers Set is the best chest under $50 for visiting your friends and family. This has a lock system that keeps everything safe.


In conclusion, we hope our list of the top chess sets under $50 has made it easier for you to find the best chess sets because doing so can be difficult. These choices offer excellent value and quality, whether you prefer a traditional or a contemporary one. Improve your skills without going over budget and play the classic chess game with these gorgeous and affordable chess sets.


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