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Chess photography has the power to take our sport to the next level. A good picture shows the emotions, the strain on the mind, the ecstasy of finding a hidden idea, and conveys to the viewer how interesting chess is. Chess photography is one of the most important ingredients to take the game of chess to the next level. In this article, we will see the 6 best chess photographers.

Chess Photography needs different kinds of skills to capture players’ expressions. Also, Unlike outdoor sports, there is pin-drop silence in chess tournaments. Chess Photographer also needs to catch a perfect movement. Overall it is a difficult than it actually looks

A good photographer with his skill and imagination can even make an insignificant event look like a major one. In this article, we will see many photographers who are famous for chess

1- David Llada 

David is considered by everyone in the chess world as one of the best photographers. He has been an official photographer at countless events and his pictures have ensured that the tournaments where he is present reach millions of people across the world. David also published the book the thinkers, which is available on Amazon.

David has worked as an official photographer in many FIDE official tournaments.

David Llada Instagram

2- Lennert Ootes 

Lennart Ootes is born in the Netherlands. He has completed a bachelor’s in applied physics. Since 2012 Lennart Ootes provided services for chess events, including many of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. By attending over 25 tournaments a year, He is the most experienced chess broadcaster on the circuit.

Lennart Ootes won the 2018 Chess Photographer of the Year from the Russian Chess Federation.

Lennert Ootes Website

Lennert Ootes Instagram

3- Amruta Mokal

Amruta Mokal is a well-known photographer and co-founder of ChessBase India. She is also the wife of IM Sagar shah and Brother of IM Prathmesh Mokal. Amruta was 2199.5 on the Elo rating scale, with 4 WIM norms, but missed her WIM title.

Amruta has clicked many amazing photos in various tournaments including World championship events. Amruta also becomes very popular through the chessbase India youtube channel. She also started the chessbase India clips channel where the team posts various short clips related to chess.

Amruta Mokal Instagram

4- Maria Emelianova

Maria Emelianova is a Russian-based women’s FIDE master. She is also a streamer on twitch. She does photography in many tournaments. Maria maintains her Instagram handle with the name Photochess. 

Maria Emelianova Instagram

5- Alina L’Ami

Alina l’Ami is a Romanian chess player who holds the titles of International Master (IM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM). Alina won many tournaments in her life such as the Women’s Grandmaster Tournament of the 8th Japfa Chess Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. She occasionally does photography as a passion. She is also the wife of famous Dutch Grandmaster Erwin L’ami

Alina L’Ami Twitter

6- Niki Riga

Niki Riga was born and raised in Peristeri, a large suburb of Athens, Greece. She has worked as a freelancer or official photographer in several major chess events, including the 2018 World Championship match in London and the 2019 WorldChess Grand Prix series. She is also an international chess arbiter.

Niki Riga Instagram

7- Stev Bonhage

Stev Bonhage was FIDE’s official photographer for World Olympiad 2022 held in Chennai, India. His photography skills are very nice and hopefully, we will see him in many upcoming official tournaments.

In the following video, IM Sagar Shah Interviewed Stev about his photography career and Olympiad Experience. Watch the following video to get more insights.

Stev Bonhage Instagram


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