This 5 youtubers will actually improve your chess strength

After the release of queen’s gambit on Netflix, chess showed a 5x user increase. Various new streamers, new players came and started recording videos and recording them. Many people don’t have real strength and just uploading videos from which you will learn nothing. If you want to become a strong chess player from a hobby chess player then you should definitely look into these youtube channels without wasting any time.

1- Agadmator chess channel

Antonio Radic who is also known as Agadmator on youtube just hits his 1 million subscribers and he is 1st one who has crossed 1M in chess. Agadmator generally analyses games from top players. He is always on time and analyses the latest top-level games. In his channel, you will see only chess content and nothing else. This channel is definitely suitable for those who are currently rated below 1800.

2- Gotham chess 

IM lavy Rozman is a very strong player from the united states of America. He started his youtube journey in 2020, In just 1 year he gained almost 600K subscribers. His style of teaching is awesome and he is also a top chess streamer on youtube. Gotham’s current rating is 2421. He also launched 5 courses on chess which you can purchase from his official website.

3- GM Hikaru

Hikaru Nakamura, the most famous personality in online chess. He posts regular videos on youtube. He analyses and plays games and his commentary is very entertaining as well as educational. He is one of the top players in chess if we consider rapid and blitz chess. Honestly, you will not learn much from him but you will enjoy his analysis style.

4- Ichess 

Ichess is a fully educational channel. Ichess is one of the biggest websites for online courses. Recently their website is brought by world champion Magnus Carlsen’s company play Magnus. They post regular videos about chess and their quality is also super high. They generally post-opening related content on there channel. Check out their website –

5- IM Eric Rozen 

IM Eric Rosen who is also from the USA. He currently has a 350k+ subscriber base. Recently in 2020 he also started youtube. He is also famous on twitch. He is very polite whenever he speaks something. He also plays rapid or blitz games on lichess and analyses.

This is our pick of 5 chess YouTubers who actually teach chess and not do timepass on streams. If you know more then let us know in the comment section

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Wesley So v/s Magnus Carlsen!

Is Wesley So the one who can dethrone Magnus Carlsen? Can Wesley So challenge Magnus Carlsen in the 2022 World Championship? What is the Rivalry status of Magnus Carlsen?

The thing with Magnus is like it used to be with Chicago Bulls, every time there used to be a new Competitor! First Magic Johnson vs Michal Jordan. Then Isiah Thomas vs Michal Jordan. Later Kobe vs Michal Jordan! Similarly, Magnus Carlsen is getting new challengers every time. Starting with Anand, then Karjakin, then Caruana. We don’t know who will be the one this time but I really want to see a matchup between Carlsen and Wesley so! Why is this the case? Let me lay a few facts which I have observed- The finals of the Opera Euro Rapid online championship took place on 13&14 Feb.

It was the day when So took on The current Triple world champion Magnus Carlsen! Wesley was in top-notch form going into the finals while Magnus had a few tough encounters reaching the finale. A lot of people put their bet on Carlsen while some did hope that Welsey will pull through. Day one ended in 2-2 while day 2 saw Carlsen going all out a lot of times but didn’t manage to win while Wesley so plucked in one point and won the second day with 2.5-1.5. Thus he won the tournament with 4.5-3.5 against Carlsen. I am quite sure Carlsen will make a strong comeback but there are a lot of instances which give a hint that Wesley might have the calibre to dethrone Magnus.

Another incident I recall is from chess960 world championship in 2019. Wesley beat Carlsen 13.5-2.5! Not an easy score to achieve against Carlsen. Although the point system was different, this domination against Carlsen is not so normal. Recently in Skilling open Wesley spoiled Carlsen’s 30th birthday by beating him in the finals!

Such records prove that Wesley can be a strong contender to dethrone Magnus! Although Magnus does dominate their individual encounters a lot of times recently he is facing issues against Wesley.


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OTB Chess tournaments begin!

After almost 11 months I got to play and  OTB  (over the board) chess tournament. The board pieces arranged in rows, the sound of the clock after every move, the jitters before round 1. The nervousness before every round, the excitement to watch the parings, ” switch off your mobile phones, no wristwatches allowed ” were some of the good old things.

The things that were new were Masks on during games, sanitization before entering the playing hall, temperature check, only one entry point to the playing hall, No entry for players below 10 years or above 65 years! The boards were arranged at a distance from each other. Thus the tournament was very spacious. Overall there was a mixed feeling at the start of the event. As it was a one day rapid, I kept just one expectation, to enjoy each round as the thought of getting to play a tournament turned into a reality after a huge amount of time.

Some words about the organization of the event –

Mr Prakash Kunte, chairman of Buddhibal Kreeda Trust had worked hard to maintain quality tournaments in Pune. Even this time he proved it by conducting an event with all the precautions and care. He is one of the enthusiastic organizers who has dared to conduct an event and provide a sigh of relief to players that events will happen in near future.

My experience –

Overall the first OTB Chess tournament was a mixed one for me as I scored 5.5/7 with 4 wins and 3 draws. But the experience of playing a tournament over the board was worth travelling from Ahmednagar to Pune! Playing an OTB Chess tournament made the player in me feel alive once again! All the frustration accumulated in the lockdown of not being able to play over the board went out of the window. I felt like I almost forgot the habit of thinking before making a move. This was just due to another habit of premoves which I developed by playing online. So, I took conscious effort to zone out from online chess and get in the zone of over the board chess a day before the event. Also, I was struggling in the very first round.

I did assume a situation like this might arise. So, to face any upset but never expected it to be in the very first round. Also as the event continued, I struggled with patience and stamina. At the end of round 5, I literally felt that I was running out of stamina. Still, 2 rounds to go, but I was totally exhausted. This long gap between two tournaments did make a big impact on stamina. To add to it, the mask made it quite suffocating. Things were not that easy but the excitement to play the tournament helped me finish well.

Following are a few images from the tournament
Inaugration with the hands of IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni and IM Abhishek Kelkar
Temperature check at the entry point.
Playing hall
IM Vikramaditya Kulkarni with Champions Trophy.
Prize winners from the event




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7 things why lichess is best website to play and study chess

Lichess is currently one of the most popular websites to play chess. Thibault Duplessis from France formed lichess in 2010. As of September 15, 2020, had a global rank of 1,307 at Alexa, with most of its visitors coming from the United States, India, and Germany.

Lichess is a completely free service to everyone and they don’t have a big team. Lichess is my personal favorite website because of its playing experience. Here are some key points why I think lichess is the best website all over the world.

1- Completly Free

Lichess is completely free and there are very few businesses that run absolutely free. If lichess started to run google ads then it can easily earn thousands of dollars. When I am writing this article there are 127000+ players who are playing on lichess. Currently, lichess is the only website in chess that is completely free and has huge traffic. Lichess uses patron model to fund their cost. When anyone donates any amount then they get a special Patreon. The badge on there profile. There are various lichess users who have donated to lichess in the form of lifetime membership. This membership is priced at 250USD.

2- Lichess analysis tools

Currently, I think lichess is one of the best tools to analyze your own games. Go to tools- analysis board and then you will able to analyze your game. Currently, lichess is using stockfish 12 which is also completely free to use source engine.

3- Puzzles

Recently lichess redesigned their puzzle section. Those who are finding good puzzles then they should defiantly solve lichess puzzles. In last month lichess started the puzzle dashboard and puzzle storm. Lichess also included 63000 puzzles in their lichess database. These puzzles are open source and can be downloaded in PGN and can be used to create any data or ebook or etc.

In puzzle storm, you will get 3 min and you have to solve maximum puzzles. Other websites started similar features before lichess but they offered in premium package. Lichess is 1st website to launch this feature for free. You can download these puzzles from here –

4- Lichess Coaches

Lichess only allows coach applications from titled players. That’s why spammers and fake profiles are not entertained. Lichess also offers a separate page for coaches where they can attach their photos and accomplishments. All applications are verified by lichess team members.

Lichess also offers a lichess classes section where you can add your students and send them messages, notes and track their progress. This feature is also exclusively available on lichess only. apply from here –

5-Organizing a tournament

It is very easy to create tournaments on lichess. Players can also join the tournament with a link and password. This feature allows players to create tournaments with friends. Organizers also prefer lichess because it is very simple to use. Lichess also has good anti-cheating members.

You can easily create a tournament with various variants, swiss tournaments, club tournaments, club battles,s, etc.

6- Playing experience

The playing experience is also amazing on lichess. Lichess is very fast and has a very less lagging issue. I haven’t faced any server down issues on lichess. lichess also improving their playing experience from time to time. Lichess also offers many varients such as horde, king on the hill, chess 960, etc.

7- Open source code

All codes are free to use. You can use lichess codes to develop your website and it is amazing. there are no copyrights, patents,s, etc. Since lichess is always free to everyone, Thibault thinks that all codes should also be free. There are various websites that have inspired by lichess codes.

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5 Best books about Ruy Lopez opening

Ruy Lopez opening is one of the most popular openings in the chess world. This opening is played by many strong players such as Caruana Fabiano, Nakamura, Ivanchuk, Anand, etc. Almost every top player played Ruy Lopez opening in their career. Ruy Lopez’s line is derived from famous player Ruy Lopez sangura.

Ruy Lopez opening is very hard to understand and study. There are always novelties and new lines are coming in Ruy Lopez. Some of these books give a direct repertoire, some of them provide instructive games while some just touch upon key concepts in the Ruy Lopez.

There are various variations in Ruy Lopez. These variations are also very deep. To study Ruy Lopez it is important to read books and watch some awesome DVDs. Here we are giving some book suggestions on Ruy Lopez. Some of the books are for the black side and some are from the black side.

A Spanish Repertoire for Black by Mihail Marin

This book is published by quality chess and written by Mihail Marin. Mihail Marin is a well-known grandmaster and author of many chess books and recorded many chess DVDs. In this book, he covered Spanish opening which is a variation in Ruy Lopez.
Spanish opening variation is 5th move N*e4. Spanish opening is very much a popular opening against Ruy Lopez. This book is very old but still a gem. I recommend this book for players who got some basic ratings and has some knowledge about chess.

Fighting the Ruy Lopez

This book is written by Milos Pavlovic and published by everyman chess. This book is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to play against ruy Lopez. They have suggested a marshall attack from the black side which is a very famous defense against Ruy Lopez. The Marshall is a perfect weapon for Black, as it avoids passive positions and the so-called ‘Spanish torture’ of many other variations.

The Ruy Lopez Move by Move


This book is published by everyman chess publication. Move by the move is the best series to learn openings for beginners. This book is written by Neil Mcdonald. He is a well-known chess player. Move by move series is my personal favorite and it covers all essential knowledge for beginners. It covers the following things.

Essential guidance and training in the Ruy Lopez

Important ideas absorbed by continued practice

Covers both mainline and d3 repertoire options for White

Understanding before Moving 1: Ruy Lopez – Italian

This book is published by a thinker publication. Thinkers publication is a very well-known book publication house owned by GM Romain Eduard. This book is written by Herman Grooten. This book provides an overview of the positions and corresponding plans arising from the Ruy Lopez and Italian Openings. This learning method was developed by the author enabling the chess player to understand any structure that is derived from both opening set-ups.

The Chigorin Bible – A Classic Defence to the Ruy Lopez

This book is written by a very well-known author Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov and published by Thinkers publication. Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov is a very famous coach also. He has coached the Iranian team which included GM Firouzja Alireza, GM Parham Magsoodloo, etc. Grandmaster Mathew Sadler said this about this book in new in chess magazine 2019 – “Probably not an easy read for the club player, but still an original and high-class exploration of one of the most important openings in chess. It’s a really good book! 5 stars”

If you like our article then do read our article on king’s Indian books and players

Best king’s Indian books

King’s Indian players

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