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Facts About Ian Nepomniachtchi

Their full name of Ian is Ian Alexandrovich Nepomniachtchi, and he is one of the strongest chess grandmasters In Russia. Ian was born on 14th July 1990, and he is a strong super grandmaster in the world right now. Ian was born in Bryansk, a city in Russia.

Bryansk is 400km southwest of Moscow. Ian Nepomniachtchi got his GM title in 2007 after scoring three GM norms. Ian has recently won the candidates tournament, and in the upcoming months, he is going to challenge the World Champion Magnus Carlsen for the World Champion title.

There are many fascinating facts you didn’t know about Ian Nepo Nepomniachtchi, and we will be covering all of those facts in the article.

So, read the article carefully until the end, and you will get to know some nice new facts about Ian Alexandrovich Nepomniachtchi. He has finished second in world championships while Carlsen was first.

Before going to facts, here is tabular information about him.

Full NameIan Alexandrovich Nepomniachtchi
Birth Date14 July 1990 (age 33)
Birth Place (City)Bryansk
Birth Place (Country)Russia
Ian Nepomniachtchi Elo (Peak)2799.8
Ian Nepomniachtchi playing styleAggressive
Ian Nepomniachtchi Height
Ian Nepomniachtchi Russian nameЯн Алекса́ндрович Непо́мнящий
World Championship Participation2021 against Magnus Carlsen
2023 against Ding Liren
Ian Nepomniachtchi

Elo ratings in Different time format games

Ian has an Elo rating of 2792 in the classical chess format. This rating is the highest rating of Ian’s chess career in classical format, and currently, he is in 4th rank in the world. We hope that Ian will reach the 2800 Elo rating in the future. Ian has a best Elo rating of 2821 in the rapid chess time format. He has crossed 2800 in a rapid format. In Blitz, he has the best rating of 2820, and by seeing these ratings, we can surely see how strong Ian is. Ian was ranked fourth in both Rapid and Blitz in 2016. He is quite active on Twitter and can be seen doing some tweets.

Russsian Chess Championship

Ian has won the title of Russian Superfinal (Russian Chess Championship) two times. He won these titles in 2010 and recently in 2020 too. He won the Russian Chess Championship with a score of 7.5/11. This is such a good score. Ian has proved himself throughout the years and also has shown his ability to play beautiful chess.

European Individual Chess Championship

Ian Nepomniachtchi won the European Individual Chess Championship in 2010. He won two individual titles in the same year. This championship is organized by the European chess union, and many strong players play in this tournament. He was not even 20 years old at that time, and it is not at all easy to win such big chess tournaments.

Style of Playing

Ian is an aggressive player rather than a positional. One main thing is sometimes he plays very fast, and being ahead of time from the opponent is beneficial most of the time. Ian mostly starts with 1.e4 as white and 1.c4 as black. He likes to play Sicilian with an occasional French against 1.e4.

Tal Memorial

Ian won the Tal Memorial in 2016 with a score of 6/9. The Tal memorial takes place in memory of Mikhail Tal, who is famous for his piece’s sacrifices. Winning Tal Memorial with a good score is quite good.

Started playing at a very young age

Ian Nepomniachtchi started playing chess when he was 4 and a half years old. Ian’s grandfather was a famous chess teacher, and he was also his first coach of Ian. He taught Ian from such a young age. Ian got trained by his first coach until he turned thirteen.

Winning Under-10, Under-12 Championships

Ian took part in the Under-10 Chess Championship, and he won the championship. Ian also has won the World Youth Chess Championship in the Under-12 category, he did tie breaks with Magnus Carlsen in this Championship. Ian has won the European youth chess championships three times.

Maccabiah Games

Maccabiah Games is an Israeli multi-sports event games tournament. Ian won the gold medal in chess at the Maccabiah Games. He won the gold medal and defeated some powerful Gms in this tournament.

World Blitz Chess Championship 2014

Ian won the silver medal in the World Blitz Chess Championship 2014. This Championship was held in Dubai, and Ian performed very well. Ian won the gold medal in the Basque chess tournament later that year.


Love for Dota

While Ian was a teen and doing his studies, he got to know about the Dota game. His love for these games kept on increasing, and in 2011, he won the ASUS Dota Cup with his teammates. Ian Nepomniachtchi also did the commentary in a Dota tournament in 2018. Ian still loves this game, and we don’t know if he still plays it or not.

Positive Scores against World Champions

Ian Nepomniachtchi has positive scores against world champions such as Magnus Carlsen, Vladimir Kramnik, Vishwanath Anand, Garry Kasparov, and Anatoly Karpov, irrespective of the format. He has these scores in different formats or the formats he has played them. Having positive scores against such strong World Champions is very admirable.

2020-2021 Candidates Tournament

Candidates Tournament held to challenge the current world champion. Some best and strongest chess GMs play in this tournament, and Ian Nepomniachtchi has won the 2020-2021 candidates tournament. He will be playing Magnus Carlsen for the world champion title in November 2021. There will be 14 classical games this year. These games are going to decide the next world champion. We are very excited to see them playing, and we are damn sure that you are excited too.

World Rapid Chess Championship

Ian Nepomniachtchi won the silver medal in the World Rapid Chess Championship which was held in 2015. Ian is good in every chess format. He won the Moscow Blitz tournament, which was held one month ago.

Ian also played a world championship match against Magnus Carlsen, who defeated him by a huge margin. Still, Ian attended all interviews and behaved very well.

Apart from that, he also won the Candidates Championship 2022 and qualified for World Championship 2023 against Ding Liren, where he lost against Ding, and hence Ding became a recent World Chess Champion.

These are some facts about Ian Nepomniachtchi. We are sure that you surely got to know about this strong Russian chess grandmaster. Ian Nepomniachtchi is the strongest GrandMaster right now in Russia. We will get to know who the next world chess champion is in a few months. I hope you like the article, and thank you for reading it.

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