Aimchess Review

Aimchess Review – Is Aimchess worth it?

Aimchess is a chess training program that helps chess players improve their game. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to improve your chess skills and also allows you to track your progress. In this article, we are going to see a depth Aimchess review

Aimchess uses artificial intelligence technology to understand your opening mistakes and helps improve your gameplay.

Aimchess is a part of the Play Magnus group owned by none other than GM and World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. 

Why should you use Aimchess?

To understand opening mistakes 

Aimchess helps chess players to tell their opening mistakes with their AI technology. It also gives you opening suggestions. The opening is an integral part of chess. You can use Aimchess to analyze your opening mistakes and improve your repertoire.

With Aimchess, you can save a lot of expenses that you usually spend on coaching. If you have hired a coach particularly to improve your coaching, then you can cut that costs.

We can also say this feature is an intuition trainer as they detect your mistakes and suggest you better choices which will help you to improve your intuition.

Time Management

Aimchess can also analyze your games played on and lichess. It also tells your time management score and how you can improve your time management. 

In chess, time management plays a big role. Especially in blitz and rapid games, you have to develop your time management skills.


It will find tactics from your games. This will particularly help if you are playing the same opening in the next games. They also have preloaded tactics that you can solve. 

Although, there are a lot of websites and ebooks from which you will get access to thousands of free tactics. If you are planning to purchase Aimchess only for chess tactics, then go for Gold or Platinum membership


When you play chess, you get a lot of counterplay opportunities to get a better position. Which this tool, you will understand which opportunity you have missed. 

To improve your chess skills

Overall, Aimchess tries to improve your chess skills by using various parameters and hence helps you to improve your rating also. Although they can add a lot of features in near future. Right now Aimchess can help you to improve your level by analyzing your games.

Overview of Aimchess

Aimchess is the most powerful AI chess tool ever. It can help you in Opening Preparation, Tactical Improvement, and also in Endgames. 

Although there are a lot of other engines available in the market, they are lacking to provide you with your mistakes and improvement chances. 

Aimchess currently offers a premium model with only 1 tier. Premium members get every benefit of aim chess. 

They also have an android and IOS application on the store. 

Aimchess is also a very powerful chess tool for chess coaches. If a chess coach has more than 10 students, then it is very difficult to analyze everyone’s game individually and analyze their mistakes. Aimchess can save your time and efforts.

Aimchess Premium Membership

Aimchess offers a premium membership, which costs $7.99 per month and $57.99 per year. They also offer a free plan. Due to downloadable analysis and AI technology, aimchess cannot give free access to all the features. Still, they have given a lot of features in the premium plan. Following is the pricing structure.

Free plan

In the free plan, Aimchess offers 40 recent games analysis. You will also get a weekly personalized study plan and unlimited studies. If you haven’t signed up on Aimchess yet, you should sign up and start using the Free plan. 


In the premium plan, you will get unlimited reports on your games. Also, Aimchess will automatically analyze your last 1000 online blitz games and can tell you your mistakes. You can also share this analysis with your coach. Premium membership costs $7.99 per month.

Annual Premium

The annual Premium is precisely the same as a premium membership. But if you annually, you will save a lot of money. Annual membership will cost you $57.99. 

I would say, if you are a hobby player, then go for membership, where you will get a lot of benefits under one membership. 

If you love to analyze your games or want to become a professional chess player, then go for an Aimchess membership. 

There is no harm in trying Aimchess free trial with this link

Aimchess vs. vs. Chess.24

Chess24 and Aimchess come under a company called Play Magnus. The company wants to feature these two websites separately, and hence all features are different except tactics trainer. and have a few similar features, including a Game review feature, Tactics Trainer, etc. Although, don’t have powerful AI compared to Aimchess.

If you are a professional chess player and you want high-quality chess analysis with AI, then go with Aimchess Membership.

Currently, I don’t recommend purchasing chess24 membership over these two memberships. Right now, Diamond membership is the most valuable choice you will get by spending $10 per month.

We have written a detailed review of the Diamond Membership. You can read it by clicking here.

Aimchess vs. Chessable

Chessable is a chess course platform owned by Play Magnus group, which was recently acquired by

Chessable and Aimchess are completely different. Chessable is trying to improve players’ strength by providing the highest quality chess courses, and Aimchess provides the best AI chess tool.

If you are rated up to 2000, you should go with an Aimchess membership instead of chessable courses.

You can also think to purchase a Diamond membership by spending more than $60 and get multiple features like lessons and videos.



  • 1 month Free Trial
  • Chess games analysis based on AI
  • Analysis of your last 1000 online games
  • Tactics Training
  • Owned by Play Magnus Group
  • Share data & lessons with your coach
  • Unlimited Studies
  • $57.99 per year logo

  • 7 days Free Trial
  • Video Series
  • Puzzle Battle
  • Puzzle Rush
  • Lessons
  • Game review and explanation
  • Play chess with bots
  • Own club management
  • Game insights feature
  • $119 plus taxes per year

Aimchess offers a free trial to our readers who sign up with this link. You can also use promo code SZ29PDIP to get a special discount.

You can use all features in the trial period and decide whether to continue. Also, it is backed by Magnus Carlsen itself, so you can imagine how the software itself is!

With exceptional marketing and advertising techniques, Aimchess is currently the number 1 AI-based chess tool in the world. You can watch the following ad by Aimchess to understand how they are using marketing techniques for advertisement. This is the best advertisement created by any chess brand ever!

This is a complete Aimchess review. Finally, you can go for Aimchess Free Trial, and if you don’t like it, then you can cancel it at any time.


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