How to get WFM chess title ?

The world chess federation (FIDE) has many titles. WFM is one of these titles. To get the WFM chess title there are certain regulations. Long-form of WFM is Women Fide Master. Fide introduced the WFM title in 1978. Fide has also given many titles to encourage women chess players such as Women Grandmaster, Women International Master, Women Candidates Master, Women Fide Master, etc.

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How to get the WFM chess title?

To get the WFM title there are few criteria. following are some requirements to get the WFM title.

  • WFM title awarded only to women.
  • You need to cross the 2100 FIDE rating mark
  • besides that FIDE also gives WFM title to many players who place in the top 3 in various ager group events such as Asian championship and world championship etc.

What does WFM mean in chess?

WFM means Women Fide Master. WFM is a prestigious title to get. WFM also eligible to get free entry in some tournaments and they are also able to play few strong tournaments due to their title. There are only 895 players who able to become WFM in a chess career.

Is GM or IM better in chess?

Obviously, the GM title is better than the IM title. To achieve Grandmaster you have to cross the 2500 elo mark and to become the international master you have to cross the 2400 elo mark. There are less than 2000 players who became grandmaster successfully. To become grandmaster you will need continuous dedication and hard work

What does wym mean in chess?

WIM is the title given to women international masters. There are very few players who get this title. For this title, you have to reach a 2200 Elo rating and achieve 3 IM norms. In some tournaments fide also grant titles to champions. Getting this tile is not an easy job.

Is WFM higher than GM?

Obviously not. Grandmaster requires 2500 elo points and WFM requires only 2100 Elo points. Grandmaster criteria also require to achieve 3 GM norms but WFM doesn’t require any norms.

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