4 Best chess openings for beginners

In this article, we are going to see the 5 best chess openings for beginners. As a beginner player, you should more focus on middlegame and endgame. The opening should be your side part. That’s why we will see a simple opening which you can prepare easily.

best openings for beginners

Is opening preparation necessary?

This is a very hard question to answer. I would personally say that opening preparation is not much necessary if you are a beginner or even 1400-1500 FIDE rated. You should mostly focus on middlegame and tactics. Already we have published more than 10 articles about middlegame. you can read that articles.

But in this article, we will see 4 major chess openings which are very easy to prepare and beginners can play easily.

Best chess openings for beginner

1- Reti opening 

Richard Reti was a person to find this reti variation. Reti variation is one of the safest variations from white. You can play the first 10-20 moves fearlessly. We will see more about reti opening in another article.

You can do a standard plan in reti which is Nf3, g3, Bg2, 0-0, d3, Nbd2, e4.

Watch Former world champion Vladimir Kramnik’s games for more insights.

2- Pirc defense

Pirc defense is also a very safe opening from the black side to play. You will defiantly need some preparation to play this line. Pirc is not so much famous on top-level but many players play this line and they are rated around 2550-2600.

You will not need deep preparation. I will recommend you to watch a DVD of Grandmaster Victor Bologan on Modern Pirc.

There are mainly 2 lines which you have to prepare properly, 1st is Austrian attack and 2nd is mainline. Both give some kind of comfortable position to white but still black is fine in every position.

chess books

3- Larsen opening 

1.b3 is called a Larsen opening. This also becomes popular in recent times. White has some very simple plans to play. Min point of this line to activate white’s black square bishop and play with that bishop.

in recent times many players played this b3 opening as their main weapon. Some players include Jobava Badur, Rapport Richard, etc. You can watch this player’s games and get some insights.

For this line, I will suggest playing as many games as possible on your computer or with a friend.

4- Nimzo Indian defense

This is opening which we can play against white’s move 1.d4. Nimzo Indian is the most popular opening in recent times. This opening has some plans which are almost similar in all variation. That’s why it is a very simple line to prepare as a beginner. I will recommend preparing this line from your coach.

You can read our article series on Nimzo Indian Defence which you can see from here. You will get a lot of information from these articles.

Follow top players’ games and analyze that games when you will start preparing Nimzo Indian Defence.

best chess openings

How to prepare chess openings?

Here are some tips from which will help you to prepare chess openings

1- Practice online – Every time you will prepare a new line, don’t forget to play online and try. After every game analyzes all the games which you played. Don’t play more than 10 games in a single sitting.

2- Learn openings from coach – You should hire some coach to teach you openings. The coach will save your time a lot and he can help you in solving your queries. You can find the good coach on lichess coaches or chess.com coaches section.

3- Buy books of that openings – You have to invest some money if you really want to become a strong chess player. Purchase a book of your favorite opening and start your preparation. You can purchase books from quality chess or thinkers publications etc.

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Best chess books to enjoy Chess.

Hello Everyone! We are returning to the topic of the best chess books. Today I will recommend you some chess books which will introduce you to the beauty of chess. Also, today’s article comes with suggestions on the previous article on 8 Best books for beginners. Firstly we realized that a lot of books are quite costly and also there were some which we couldn’t add due to the limit of 8 books. So, the books covered in today’s article are meant for beginners and also intermediate players to some extent. For those who are highly dedicated to chess and also want tough material can consider visiting our Book Reviews, which cover a decent amount of books according to their need.


The Masters: Alexander Alekhine Master of Attack (Masters (Everyman Chess)


This book is based on 3rd World Champion Alexander Alekhine’s games. Generally, a book which is based on a player helps the reader to develop his playing style accordingly. This book covers decent games one can enjoy. You can buy the book from here.


Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life

Mind Master is an autobiography of 5 times World Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand. You must be wondering, a book without any chess games, how does it make it to this list? When I read it, I felt inspired by the anecdotes from the book. Some tips by the world champion are very helpful for eg. his way to write notes immediately after the game so as to have the best true impressions from the game. You can buy the book from here.


Chess Brilliancy (Everyman Chess)

This book is based on some inspiring games in chess. The games are of high quality, also it doesn’t contain heavy annotations but has a some historical incidents related to the game. We have covered it in our book review. You can read the book review here. Also, you can buy the book here.


Tactics Time! 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players

Tactics are the sole of Chess. One has to know a lot of patterns to get better at chess, so considering affordable prices, this is the best book. So this books is affordable as it is free on Kindle. You can buy it from here.


Endgame Strategy (Cadogan Chess Books)

Endgame Strategy by Mikhail Shershevesky is one of the best books on the endgame. This book shows how to apply theoretical concepts practically in endings. We have covered it in our book review which you can read here. You can also buy the book from here.


Chess for Tigers (Cadogan Chess Books)

Chess for Tigers has a decent amount of anecdotes. The author has classified the chapters well and also been specific on his do’s and don’ts before, during and after the tournament. You can get the book here.

So with this, I halt today’s suggestions. Will come up with some more recommendations in the coming time. Till then keep enjoying chess :)!

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