Learn chess opening with this procedure

Learning chess opening is a very difficult task. There are many procedures to learn chess opening. But in this article I will tell you the perfect method to learn any chess openings. You can become a master from a beginner by applying these skills without any coaching.

If you have any coach who is teaching you then you don’t have to worry about preparation. He can help you with it. But if you are an individual player who cannot afford a coach or proper resources is not available, then you will find many difficulties

Why learning opening is a must?

leaning chess openings is a must for every player. If you don’t know openings properly then you will lose instantly. If you are playing serious chess then you know how difficult it is to play without proper opening knowledge.

learning opening helps you to beat your opponent faster and in a smoother way. The opening is a key part of the game and hence opening study is very important.

Step by step guide to learn chess opening

  1. Select your favorite opening – For selecting openings there are various criteria. If you filter with that criteria then you will find that it is very easy to prepare chess openings. Chess is so beautiful game and learning openings are way more beautiful than you expect. The first criteria are to find out which type of player you are. If you are an attacking player then you have to choose openings that are open and don’t allow many exchanges. If you like to defend then you must select openings that are closed. If you are good in middlegame then you have to choose openings that allow multiple exchanges and get your position into the easy endgame.
  2. Buy a DVD/book – To study openings you have to purchase books or DVDs. There are plenty of books which are available in the market to study. Also, there are a lot of websites that provide online material. Books and DVDs generally range from $30-$100.
    Choose a book of a top grandmaster or at least titled player. Dont purchase any random book. Study that book or DVD by heart and then follow the next procedure. You can get a lot of books from the following websites
    1- New in chess
    2- Thinkers Publications
    3- Quality chess 
    Online courses
    1- chess.com
    2- chess24.com
    3- chessable 
  3. Save notes and opening variations – After doing this full study, then you have to take notes or study your variations in that opening. Here is the procedure. First, take notes and highlight them in the book. Then download this free ChessBase reader software and play with it. Then create a database on this software and your notes there.
    Also, you can save your whole book if you have time. Also, download stockfish 13 which is a free and open-source engine.
  4. Watch various games – Watching various games will help you much. You can watch games from the ChessBase reader app only. Just open a new board and press enter key then you will find millions of game databases. You can make your moves and games will automatically get filtered.
    There are multiple other websites from which you can watch top players’ games. Watching games will help you to develop your gameplay.
  5. Play online games and practice – Play online games and prepare it the key to success. Once you learned chess opening in deep then just start playing a lot of online games on chess.com and lichess.org. These are the best websites to play chess online.
    Analyze these games by heart and learn from mistakes. Try to stick to only one opening and if possible then only one variation. This will help you a lot. After analysis, save this game on your computer. When you will play the OTB tournament then it will be much easy to study by doing this.

Hope you enjoyed this step-by-step guide. If you enjoyed then don’t forgot to share this article.

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5 Best books about Ruy Lopez opening

Ruy Lopez opening is one of the most popular openings in the chess world. This opening is played by many strong players such as Caruana Fabiano, Nakamura, Ivanchuk, Anand, etc. Almost every top player played Ruy Lopez opening in their career. Ruy Lopez’s line is derived from famous player Ruy Lopez sangura.

Ruy Lopez opening is very hard to understand and study. There are always novelties and new lines are coming in Ruy Lopez. Some of these books give a direct repertoire, some of them provide instructive games while some just touch upon key concepts in the Ruy Lopez.

There are various variations in Ruy Lopez. These variations are also very deep. To study Ruy Lopez it is important to read books and watch some awesome DVDs. Here we are giving some book suggestions on Ruy Lopez. Some of the books are for the black side and some are from the black side.

A Spanish Repertoire for Black by Mihail Marin

This book is published by quality chess and written by Mihail Marin. Mihail Marin is a well-known grandmaster and author of many chess books and recorded many chess DVDs. In this book, he covered Spanish opening which is a variation in Ruy Lopez.
Spanish opening variation is 5th move N*e4. Spanish opening is very much a popular opening against Ruy Lopez. This book is very old but still a gem. I recommend this book for players who got some basic ratings and has some knowledge about chess.

Fighting the Ruy Lopez

This book is written by Milos Pavlovic and published by everyman chess. This book is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to play against ruy Lopez. They have suggested a marshall attack from the black side which is a very famous defense against Ruy Lopez. The Marshall is a perfect weapon for Black, as it avoids passive positions and the so-called ‘Spanish torture’ of many other variations.

The Ruy Lopez Move by Move


This book is published by everyman chess publication. Move by the move is the best series to learn openings for beginners. This book is written by Neil Mcdonald. He is a well-known chess player. Move by move series is my personal favorite and it covers all essential knowledge for beginners. It covers the following things.

Essential guidance and training in the Ruy Lopez

Important ideas absorbed by continued practice

Covers both mainline and d3 repertoire options for White

Understanding before Moving 1: Ruy Lopez – Italian

This book is published by a thinker publication. Thinkers publication is a very well-known book publication house owned by GM Romain Eduard. This book is written by Herman Grooten. This book provides an overview of the positions and corresponding plans arising from the Ruy Lopez and Italian Openings. This learning method was developed by the author enabling the chess player to understand any structure that is derived from both opening set-ups.

The Chigorin Bible – A Classic Defence to the Ruy Lopez

This book is written by a very well-known author Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov and published by Thinkers publication. Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov is a very famous coach also. He has coached the Iranian team which included GM Firouzja Alireza, GM Parham Magsoodloo, etc. Grandmaster Mathew Sadler said this about this book in new in chess magazine 2019 – “Probably not an easy read for the club player, but still an original and high-class exploration of one of the most important openings in chess. It’s a really good book! 5 stars”

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