How to analyze a chess position? A complete guide for beginners!

Often players don’t know how to analyze chess positions. In this article, we are going to see some techniques to analyze the chess position.

Why analysis is important?

Analyze a chess position is a very hard and boring part of chess. If you are playing chess in the tournament then you have to analyze the chess position to make a proper plan. Analyzing a chess position is art.

Strong players often analyze games when they are studying. They analyze a single game for more than 3 hours and sometimes more than 1 day. The analysis is a great way to explore chess. In the tournament, you have to be sharp and make the right plan. If you fail to make any plan then you will be suffered a lot.

Tips to analyze a chess position in a tournament game

1- Concentrate – Analysing the position is the hardest part of chess. When you are playing a chess tournament you should concentrate on your position only. To improve your concentration power, you can practice meditation. Meditation keeps your brain sharp.

2- Proper sleep – If you want to keep your brain sharp before your game then you should sleep at least for 8 hours a day in tournament time. Proper sleep help to increase concentration power.

3- Make easy plans- Don’t make a very difficult plan and don’t spend your time In making a plan. Just check you are not doing any blunder and play the move. When you spend the time then you will get time pressure in the endgame and eventually you will be in trouble. Always make easy plans and play fast.

analyze a chess position

How to analyze chess positions at home?

1- Use various tools – If you scroll through this article you will find tools to analyze chess positions. Using various tools will help you to do analysis in a lot easier way.

2- self analyses – This is the most important part of a chess game. Analyzing chess position selfly is a very important part of chess. You should sit in one position and analyze a single position for at least 10-15 min. It will improve your sitting capacity and eventually this will be beneficial for you in a tournament


Selecting a chess position for analyzing the game.

This is a very important part of chess. Selecting a chess position is a very difficult job. Most players get confused about this.

You can use books that are based on positional chess. Here are some suggestions – Improving positional play by Boris Gelfand. The other way is to select any top-player game and start analyzing without an engine. This will help you a lot.

Always try to solve hard positions. Dont select positions which are very basic and easy to do.

Also, you can play online rapid games and analyze critical positions in the game. You can also watch agadmator’s youtube channel and learn how he analyses the game.


Best tools to analyze a chess position

1- Chessbase reader – Chess base is one of the premium software and they provide free software called ChessBase reader. In this software, you can do multiple things. This is the only software that is available which gives a complete package. You can download this software from here.

2- Stockfish engine – Stockfish is a chess engine that is completely free and open-sourced. This is currently one of the best engines available in the chess market. You can use stockfish to analyze your games, finding novelties, and prepare openings. You can download this from here.

3- Lichess – This is also a completely free open-sourced website build via Github. On this website, you can play and learn from various puzzles. Currently, lichess has millions of users and hopefully, it will become a top website in chess.

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Book Review – Mastering Chess Middlegames

Author Of Book – Alexander Panchenko

Publishing Date – 1 January 2015

Published By – New In chess


In this book published by New In Chess, Alexander Panchenko has given his systematic knowledge. He used his 11years of experience to write this book. In this book, Alexander explains about improving middlegame technique. He shares some of his real-life experiences with readers. The uniqueness of this book is that you will find positions for playing out after each chapter ends.

Content in the book

The book is divided into a total of 12 chapters. After each chapter explanation, some position for solving and positions for playing out given. Here is a list of chapters covered in the book.

  • The attack on the king
  • Defence
  • Counterplay
  • Prophylaxis
  • Realising an advantage
  • Equal positions
  • The battle of the major pieces
  • Two minor pieces against a rook
  • Opposite coloured bishop with many pieces on the board
  • Same coloured bishop
  • Bishop vs Knight
  • Sample games and endings

What to expect?

Alexander Panchenko was a very famous coach. You can expect some high-level explanation and good positions. Positions for playing out are really difficult to understand. You can understand how players used to play 40 years ago and  after studying this book one can develop his execution skills.

Glimpse from the book

Following is one of my favorite problem from the book

The uniqueness about this book

This book focuses not only on middlegame positions but also on improving overall game quality. After every chapter, some positions for playing out given. You can play those positions with your friends or even on by setting up the board. Each chapter started with some positions with an explanation. Although this book was released in 2015, many positions that contain in this book are before the 20th century.

Who can read this book?

Book level is quite high. Although positions for solving from this book are very interesting and anyone can play with those positions and analyse. It will improve understanding of player about the practical play. I will suggest players above 1600 do the whole book and to others, they can try and play the positions as many times as they can before checking the answers.

What did I like?

I like the way of explanation given by the author. The author selected some amazing positions for playing out and solving. There are very rare books In which you will find positions for playing out. There is no long analysis and positions are also not too difficult, That’s why the reader will not get bored at least for a couple of hours

From where can you purchase this book?

The original price of this book is 24.95USD or 22.95 EURO. If you are an Indian reader then you will get this book in only 1299 rs from Amazon India. If you are from outside India then you can buy from amazon or new in chess official website. We have attached both links.

Buy from Amazon India –

Buy from New in Chess –

PDF excerpt of this book

About the author

Alexander Panchenko is Russian grandmaster and famous coach. He is the owner of website He has taught many students. Some of the famous students include – Sergei RublevskyEkaterina KovalevskayaAlisa Galliamova, and Sergey Volkov





About the publisher

This book was published by new in chess. New In Chess is based in Netherland. This company is famous for a monthly magazine and bi-monthly yearbook. In magazines and yearbook, all top-level players write a various article. New in chess magazine is currently the most popular and bestselling magazine in chess. New in chess publishes the various book every year.

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