Why is chess so popular?

Chess is one of the games that have been around for hundreds of years, in different forms. Numerous other games and more complex experiences were established over the years, but chess still reigns supreme. Which brings the question, why is chess so popular? What makes chess more appealing than so many other games?

It’s readily available

One of the core advantages and why is chess so popular in the first place is its availability. You can easily buy a chess board at a low price and learn how to play via YouTube. Or you don’t have to spend any money and just go to Chess.com and play there for free, or any other website like that. Chess has a very low entry point, anyone is able to play, and you can easily practice for as much time as you want.

There’s always a tournament you can enroll in

Thanks to its accessibility, there are a variety of chess tournaments all over the world. So you can always test your knowledge and might against a large range of people. Which is great, because it totally adds to the experience, while delivering something new and creative. There are always challenges that can arise, and that’s what keeps chess entertaining for most people.

It’s easy to learn

While chess can be rather complex when it comes to strategies, the truth is that its core rules are easy to learn. In fact, most people can learn how to play within 5-10 minutes. You just have to test your attention and focus, but also strategize to surpass your opponent. It’s a game of mind and challenge, and a fun one at that. Plus, there’s always something new to learn from any opponent.

The Queen’s Gambit

Yes, the Netflix series popularized chess quite a bit as well. It’s a very interesting show focused on the uniqueness of chess and how people can play it to strengthen their minds and show their true potential. The series was very successful that it managed to draw a lot of attention to chess and that only helped it become even more popular worldwide.

The internet popularized it quite a bit

People on the internet love playing chess, whether it’s a part of Twitch streams, online with friends, and so on. There are also chess communities where people share tactics and various ideas. It’s safe to say that the answer to “why is chess so popular” stems from the greatness of the game, but also from its unlimited possibilities. And that’s what truly makes it such a special experience for a lot of people.

It tests your mind, and always encourages you to do better

It’s a great approach because it constantly pushes the boundaries and it helps you become even better all the time. The competitive aspect is why is chess so popular in many countries, but the simple fact that you can pick up and play also helps immensely. And that shows the tremendous value and great benefits brought by chess to people of all ages.


So, why is chess so popular? As you can see it’s very appealing for players, and it constantly offers ways to test your skills and improve. You always get to learn something new from other players, and there are a large variety of ways to practice. There’s also a low entry barrier, anyone can play so there’s no shortage of opponents. You can even play online if you want, or you can buy a chess board and play with friends. It’s a great game and one that has remained simple for centuries. Yet at the same time, it’s also one of the best competitive games out there! 


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