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Wesley So vs Magnus Carlsen!

Is Wesley So the one who can dethrone Magnus Carlsen? Can Wesley So challenge Magnus Carlsen in the 2022 World Championship? What is the Rivalry status of Magnus Carlsen?

The thing with Magnus is like it used to be with Chicago Bulls, every time there used to be a new Competitor! First Magic Johnson vs Michal Jordan. Then Isiah Thomas vs Michal Jordan. Later Kobe vs Michal Jordan! Similarly, Magnus Carlsen is getting new challengers every time. Starting with Anand, then Karjakin, then Caruana. We don’t know who will be the one this time but I really want to see a matchup between Carlsen and Wesley so! Why is this the case? Let me lay a few facts which I have observed- The finals of the Opera Euro Rapid online championship took place on 13&14 Feb.

It was the day when So took on The current Triple world champion Magnus Carlsen! Wesley was in top-notch form going into the finals while Magnus had a few tough encounters reaching the finale. A lot of people put their bet on Carlsen while some did hope that Welsey will pull through. Day one ended in 2-2 while day 2 saw Carlsen going all out a lot of times but didn’t manage to win while Wesley so plucked in one point and won the second day with 2.5-1.5. Thus he won the tournament with 4.5-3.5 against Carlsen. I am quite sure Carlsen will make a strong comeback but there are a lot of instances which give a hint that Wesley might have the calibre to dethrone Magnus.

Another incident I recall is from chess960 world championship in 2019. Wesley beat Carlsen 13.5-2.5! Not an easy score to achieve against Carlsen. Although the point system was different, this domination against Carlsen is not so normal. Recently in Skilling open Wesley spoiled Carlsen’s 30th birthday by beating him in the finals!

Such records prove that Wesley can be a strong contender to dethrone Magnus! Although Magnus does dominate their individual encounters a lot of times recently he is facing issues against Wesley.


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