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3 best ways to learn chess from your home

Chess is currently in the boom. If you are interested to learn chess then this article for you! This is the best time to start your chess journey. There are a lot of ways to learn chess online and offline. We will see a few of them.

You can become a professional chess player by self-study only. If you select a coach then it is always better. You just have to invest some amount in books and you are all set to go. Following are some ways to improve your chess by sitting at home

1- Websites

there are multiple websites that help you to improve your chess journey. The top chess websites are chess.com and lichess.org. They both are getting millions of traffic in a day. You can study various things from this website

The basic motto of the online chess website is playing chess online with players from all over the world. I will suggest that you can play rapid games or blitz games and analyze your games after finishing your games.

You can also watch their video series. For players who are beginners, I will recommend them to use the chess.com video series and for players who want to improve some level then they should go for chess24 premium membership which will cost you around $100 after discounts.

Also, solve tactics from this website. Solving a lot of tactics on daily basis will automatically improve your game play and level of play. You solve at least 10-15 tactics each day.


Books are the best way to improve your chess. There are a lot of books which are available in the market. You can select any book and start studying. For the absolute beginners, we have written some articles which you can read and study that books. For those who know the basics of chess then they should go for Artur Yusupov 9 books series. These 9 chess books will help you to improve your fundamentals.

Books are also helpful to study classics. Watching old games is relaxing and enjoyable. you will also understand the history of players. I will recommend you to read Garry Kasparov my great predecessors’ series. This series is consist of 5 books and one of the best book which I have ever seen.

Selecting books is a very difficult task if you are a book lover. If you get into a lot of confusion then ask an expert or buy any famous book and study that book. Usually, all chess books are valuable.


There are a lot of applications from which you can learn and study chess from your phone or tablet. One of my favorite apps is the Play Magnus and Magnus trainer app. Magnus trainer is a complete application to improve your chess. The subscription fee for that app is around $10 per month but for beginners, it is worth it.

There are a lot of other applications which are very useful to improve your chess. Some apps include ichess, tactics frenzy, chess king applications, etc.

4- Find a good coach

Finding a great chess coach is a very important task. The coach will help you to get better at chess, explaining fundamentals at chess. For finding the right chess coach, the best way is by referral. If you know any good chess coaches start coaching with them. don’t find too many strong chess coaches. If you are a beginner chess player then don’t go with grandmaster coaches. They will be expensive for you.

Try to find a local chess coach who will teach you in person. Instead of joining an academy try to find a personal coach to improve faster.

If you are still struggling then find the best coaches from lichess coaches. Lichess lists only Fide titled holder coaches. It will be very much helpful to you to find good coaches.


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