Values of pieces in chess

A knight is powerful than a Queen right? It is the most unique piece and other pieces have similar movement. So how can a Queen be stronger than a knight? Today’s article is for the people who are new to chess and want some basics cleared.


Playing Chess is not easy. We need to have a certain direction when having a decision at disposal. Just look at the following position and decide what will you do?

The White Knight is attacking black Rook and so black should protect the Rook by moving it away. It is an obvious decision for a player playing regularly, but if you are new to chess how do you decide if a Knight is strong or a Rook? So for this, we have the Points system in chess. Each Piece is allotted points according to its strength.  For that first look at how many squares does each piece cover at the maximum?

The King

As the whole game depends on the king, it is priceless!

The Queen

The Queen is the most powerful piece so it is given 9 points.

The Rook

The Rook covers a lot of squares so it is given 5 points each.

The Bishop

The Bishop moves only diagonally and moves only in its original colour. It is given 3 points each.

The Knight

The Knight is the trickest pieces and moves in L shape. It is given 3 points each.

The Pawn

Pawn is by far the weakest so it is given 1 point each.



So now you know which piece is stronger as compared to other, you can take decisions in your game according to it.