Unusual Chess Puzzles – Part 2

Today we present you with 2nd puzzle of the series Unusual Chess Puzzle. Check the previous puzzle here. Today’s puzzle is unique in its own way. The best part of such puzzles is that you just need to know how the pieces move. No need to have a rating or huge experience in chess. You can solve it through logical thinking. So let me present you the puzzle.

Puzzle –

In this puzzle, white will play his 4 moves f3, Kf2, Kg3, Kh4. Black has to make legal moves and checkmate white on 4th move. You have the liberty to make any random moves with black to deliver a checkmate. Below I will show the diagram of moves for those who are not familiar with the notation in chess.

Starting position. Here white starts with 1.f3
Position after 4 moves.

Those who don’t know the notation can play through the moves on lichess and paste the notation in the comments section!

Try solving this puzzle for at least 3 days before checking the answer below.

1 – f3 e5

2- Kf2 Qf6

3- Kf3 Qf3 

4- Kh4 Be7#

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