unusual chess puzzle – Part 1

Unique puzzle

We are starting a series called unique chess puzzles, You cannot find this type of puzzle in chess books and any books. These puzzles are generally given by your coach or friend. There are lots of puzzles which we will cover in this series. So stay tuned for these unique puzzles.

Puzzle –

In this puzzle white have king and 3 pawns and black have only king. You have to arrange position which is forced draw. Following are certain conditions for this puzzles.

  • Arranged position will be white to play
  • White will play for win
  • No double or triple pawns are allowed (for e.g. a2,a3 or b5,b6,b7)

After reading you will first think this puzzle is impossible to solve.Trust me, this problem also have solution. Try to solve this position atleast for 7 days and then only check answer. Click on read more tab to check the answer.


When I first saw this position , I was not believing this position can be draw! but This position is force draw. you can also check with the engine. here is a full analysis 

  1. Kg2 Kg6
  2. Kg3 Kg5!! (Kg5 is an important move, if 2….Kf5 played then 3.Kh4! Ke5 4. Kg5 and this is winning for white)
  3. e6 Kf6 
  4. kg4 Ke6
  5. Kg5 Kf7
  6. h4 Kg8=

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