Hello Everyone! This is the first article of our website so I am introducing you to 15 people who influenced the chess world. These people took the game to next level by their methods, some people produced brilliant games while some covered them on their YouTube channels or websites, some introduces new variants in chess while some contributed to chess literature. Here is my list of Top 15 influential people in chess

1-Magnus Carlsen (1990)

Magnus Carlsen is 4 times World Champion and also the current world champion from Norway. He is currently the number 1 ranked player in classical chess. He is the only player who won all types of the world championship (blitz, rapid, classical ). He owns company Playmagnus with his 4 sub-companies namely play Magnus , chess24, Magnus trainer and accessible. In Covid-19 pandemic, he declared Magnus invitational online series of 4 tournaments with 1 million USD Prize Fund.

2- Vishy Anand  – 1969

Vishwanathan Anand was born in town called Madurai. He is India’s first Grandmaster and 5 times world champion . Because of Viswanathan Anand Indian chess changed completely ,  people in India started getting attracted to chess after he became world champion. He won various International chess tournaments also and various Fide official tournaments such as world championship and world rapid championship. He is also known as Vishy Anand or Madras Tiger in India 


3- Robert James Fischer – 1943-2008

Robert James Fischer was a former World Champion from USA . He had unique playing style due to his whimsical behaviour . He won a game with Byrne with black pieces , that game was declared as game of the century . Fischer invented chess 960 and increament pattern in chess.

4 – Garry Kasparov– 1963

Garry Kasparov is former World Champion from Russia. He was the first player in chess history to cross 2800 classical rating and he remained at 1 st place in classical rating list for more than 20 years . He was well known for his attacking play and calculation and he contributed a lot to attacking chess.

5- Antholy Karpov – 1951

Anatoly Karpov of Russia is Grandmaster and former world champion from 1975-1985 . He is well known for positional play. He won highest number of tournaments ever compare to any other chess player. Currently, he is retired from classical chess and plays 1-2 tournament in year. He also run Karpov chess school in Russia 

6 – Vladimir Kramnik – 1975

Kramnik is a former World Champion from Russia . He defeated Garry Kasparov and became world champion . He invented no castling chess . Although that format is still not very much famous in chess world but it will defenitely become famous in some years . Following article is about no casting chess.

7 –Judit Polgar – 1976

Judit Polger , the Hungarian chess player was the first female player who crossed 2700 in Fide classical list (even 2600) and till date is the only female player to do so . Because of her women players increased in chess world . Judit became youngest female full time GrandMaster . She was the youngest player to break in top 100 . In 2014 she announced her retirement from competitive chess and now hosts Polgar Global chess Festivals.

8 – Jan Gustafsson – 1979

Jan Gustafsson is a German chess Gransmaster . Jan worked as second for Magnus Carlsen for World Championship Matches . He co-founded company . Chess24 website is famous for its high quality video serie on various topics. Later was merged with Playmagnus company. your playground


9- Jacob Aagard – 1973

Jacob Aagaard in GrandMaster and former British chess champion . Aagard is founder of Quality chess publications. Aagard is one of the most famous coach in chess world . He won Fide Trainer award also . His series Grandmaster Preparation is one of the most famous series of 6 books . This books are recommended for 2300+ FIDE rated players . There are very few authors who have written high quality books . Aagard is one of them .

His website –

10 – Mark dvoretsky – 1947 – 2018

Mark Dvoretsky was Russian International Master and endgame expert . He has written many amazing books about chess . He is most famous author in chess world . His series secrets of chess training won best European chess Federation book award in 1991.!/Dvoretskys-Endgame-Manual-by-Mark-Dvoretsky/p/142928838


11 – Frederic Freidel – 1945

Frederic Freidel is founder of chessbase company . It brought big revoluation in chess world . Chessbase was launched in 1995 . He introduced playchess software to play with each other . It was first Professional software to play with each other online . Chessbase provides high quality material comparatively in cheap price .

Website –


12 – Agadmator – 1987

– Antanio Radic is popular Youtuber .He lives in Croatia . He has chess channel called Agadmator chess . With his explationation he became very famous and currently has most subscribers on chess youtube channel. Following video is most viewed video on agadmator channel

13- Sagar Shah

Sagar Shah who is from India is the founder and CEO of Chessbase India . With more than 100k followers on facebook , 350k+ on youtube , 20k on instagram . After Anand he is biggest chess influencer in Indian chess . Sagar is first IM and Chartered Accountant from India . He has made available a lot of books and softwares at cheap rates to Indians. Below is one of the most popular video on his youtube channel.


14 – Daniel Rensch 1985

Daniel is an International Master . He is the chief chess officer of , one of the biggest platform to play chess online . Currently is top playing chess website with a lot of variants like normal chess , chess960 , bughouse , 4 player chess . He is a website creator , player , commentator , tournament organizer .

website –


15 – Carl Portman – 1964

Carl Portman is the manager of chess in Prison for the English Chess Federation. He made a goal of introducing chess in every prison in England. He started chess clubs, got inmates to talk about chess and most importantly he is trying to influence the governors to put chess in their agenda in prison. Below is the link of full interview of carl portman

Those were the people who brought change to the chess world at regular intervals, Do give your Feedbacks in the comments section. Thank You!


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