Rook chess piece – Important of Rook in Chess Game

In this article, we are going to discuss rook chess. You will understand what rook do in chess, the value of rook in chess, etc.

The rook is considered a major piece on the chessboard. As we already know chessboard has a total of 6 pieces which are King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and pawns. There is a total of 32 pieces on a chessboard. From all these pieces rook plays a very important role in chess. Rook plays a major role in the endgame.

How does the rook move in chess?

The rook moves only horizontally and vertically. This means rook have various limitations. Rook cannot move diagonally or cannot function as knights do. Generally, Rook has a major role in open files and ranks. If we keep rook in the center file from which he can occupy maximum squares then only he can occupy 14 squares only whereas the queen can occupy 27 squares. We can say rook is paralyzed, queen. It is very important to remember how the rook moves in chess so that you will not make any illegal moves.

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How to use rook in chess to win the game

  • Castle first – In chess, we can do a short castle or a long castle. Most of the time players do short castles. When you do castle then immediately your king becomes safe and rook also get opened.
  • Develop on an open file – After castling, develop your rook immediately on an open file or semi-open file. When you place your rook on an open file, you capture most of the squares and restrict your opponent to develop a piece in that file. Most of the time this decision is right.
  • Grab 7th rank whenever possible – 7th rank is very important for a rook. 7th rank means 7th or 2nd rank depending on your color. This is the best possible rank you can grab to paralyze your opponent’s resources. When you place your rook on 7th rank then automatically it becomes a very strong piece.
  • Start doubling your rooks – This is a very important rule which you have to remember. When you grab open file or rank, then start doubling your rook. If you are able to succeed in doubling your rook then it is very hard for your opponent to get control.

Value of Rook in chess

All pieces have some value. Values are useful in many terms. When you exchange pieces then you generally don’t give your queen to get opponents, knight. Why? Because you know the queen has a higher value than knight or rook. Let’s see Values of pieces in chess other than rook

  • King – infinite or zero
  • Queen – 9 points
  • Bishop – 3 points
  • Knight – 3 points
  • Pawn – 1 point

As you can see from the above table, the king has the highest value, and then the queen has the 2nd highest value.

Rook has 5 points which mean rook is stronger than bishop, knight, and pawns but weaker than king and queen. So you should always remember when exchanging pieces.

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Best chess games with rook sacrifices

Here are some of the best chess games which include rook sacrifice. These games are very interesting and involve rook sacrifice or rooks dynamic play. You will defiantly like these games.

Georg Rotlewi vs Akiba Rubinstein

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Lajos Portisch

Harry Nelson Pillsbury vs Emanuel Lasker

Viswanathan Anand vs Garry Kasparov

How to checkmate with a single rook

Many times you can face this problem. But trust me, checkmating with a single rook is very easy.  You just have to cut the files and ranks and you can mate on your opponents. You can watch this video to get more knowledge 

Importance of Rook in the endgame

Rook plays a very important part in endgames also. Rook endings are very difficult to study and to play. There are thousands of different positions which arrive from rook endgame. Rook endgame is very important to study and to learn if you want to become a master in chess. There are a lot of rook endgame books are available on the market. Here I am suggesting to you some of the best books and courses become a master in a rook endgame.

These courses will help you to learn various rook endgame positions with rook vs rook and rook vs pawns. There are a lot of other positions such as Lucena which you have to know by heart.

There are a lot of YouTubers who have posted rook endgame videos for free. If you are beginner then you can watch this videos and learn from them. Here we have attached few best videos.

Rook Endgames – GM Josh Friedel published by Saint Louis chess club 

EASY CHESS ENDGAMES: Rook & Pawn by Gotham Chess 



When to exchange chess rooks?

Exchanging is a serious problem in chess. When you exchange any chess piece then you cannot take it back. That’s why it Is very important to exchange pieces at the proper time. Rook is a piece that can get easily exchanged. Due to this here are some rules you can follow so that you will not ruin your advantage.

  • Exchange your rooks when they are comparably weaker than your opponent. When you feel that your position is not that better, at that time you can try exchanging your rook
  • When you think your opponent will start the attack and it will be very difficult to defend, at that point you can exchange your rooks.
  • Sometimes giving up exchange sacrifice is also very important. When you feel you are getting good compensation by giving rook sacrifice, then you have to give.

How many ways can a rook be moved from the bottom left corner to the top right corner?

From a1, we have 470,010 ways to reach h8 using legal rook moves to the right and up. If you want to read a detailed answer then you can click here and read the answer

Two rooks vs queen which are better?

Defiantly two rooks are better in many conditions. If you simply add points value then also you will get the idea that rooks are better.  

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