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Book Review – Practical Chess Defence

A game of chess goes on like one player makes mistake and the other tries to capitalize on it. Then comes themes like ideas, refutations, attack, defense, counterattack, and much more. When one player attacks it depends on the other player’s style to put up a defense or create a counter-attack. It is mostly recommended to try and counterattack but a lot of times that is not the case. So one has to learn the art of defense as well.

Author Of The Book – GM Jacob Aagaard

Publishing Date – 1st July 2006

Published By – Quality Chess

Where most people see walls, a blessed few see doors. – Esben.

A glimpse of this book

This is a pure puzzle book but has a question for every puzzle. The author has made a good analysis of 200 positions and managed to show amusing defenses. The following is an amazing study.

What To Expect?

Practical Chess Defence book is a book based on a variety of puzzles covered in other books which had the final conclusion somewhat misguiding. It also contains some masterclass defensive efforts. One can find a variety of defensive themes in this book like – non-forcing thinking, the method of elimination, prophylaxis, an eye for detail, the importance of not taking anything for granted and winners just don’t know how to quit.

What Is A Unique Thing In This Book?

The author has taken a significant effort to make a huge collection of puzzles where the combination had one flaw and tried to compose suitable questions which can lead you to the solution. Solving this book also convinced me that if your opponent has a plus position it is not necessary to lose the game. One can provide stiff resistance by using the given defensive themes.

Who Can Read? [audience]

The audience for this book can be anyone above 1400. That is a good time to know some defensive ideas and terms like prophylaxis or an eye for detail. Plus there is a calculation required so the book is good for warming up as well!

What Did I Like?

The main core of the book to improve defensive skills was a new introduction to the chess world. Plus GM Jacob Aagaard has tried a few patterns for his books based on solving. Some contain Chapters where after a set of puzzles there are solutions then again puzzles and solutions which might lead to the user looking at the answer. But in this book, the Puzzles are divided into segments according to toughness and then all the solutions at once.

From Where You Can Buy This Book?

This book is available on various online websites as well as in offline stores. This Amazon link will redirect you to the product page.

Practical Chess Defence PDF Excerpt 

About The Book Author – Jacob Aagaard

Jacob Aagaard was born on 31st July 1973. Jacob is a well-known author and coach in chess. He has already written more than 20 books, also became a British chess champion in 2007, and got the Senior Fide Trainer title in 2012. He is famous for writing high-quality books even suitable for GM level also.

His famous books include the grandmaster preparation series of 6 books and Practical chess defence.  He trained already many Grandmasters which include GM Sam Shankland. He also runs 365 chess academy which is completely online and at very affordable rates. Check out from here.

The Publisher

Quality chess is a UK-based company. This was founded by GM Jacob Aagaard, GM John Shaw, and IM Ari Ziegler. Quality chess is currently dominating the chess market and is currently one of the top publications in the chess world.

Most of the books from quality chess are very famous. The page quality and binding quality are also excellent.


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