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Book Review – Positional Play

Positional play is one of the 6 books of the grandmaster preparation series published by Quality Chess. Other books in this series are Attack and Defence, Endgame Play, Calculation, Strategic Play, and Thinking Inside the Box. This grandmaster preparation series is one of the bestseller book series in the chess world.

Positional play is one of those books one has to have in his library if the player is Rated Above 1800. This book explains how to improve the position. This is one of the best books I have come across.

Author Of BookJacob Aagaard
Publishing Date2012
PublisherQuality Chess

The Uniqueness of this Book

In this book, you will find chapters like weakness, Pieces, Prophylaxis, Exercises, and Solutions.
The book helps a player to improve his skills in playing dry or slow positions. For me, this is the Bible to learn Positional Chess!

Who can Read?

This book is quite a high level and in my opinion, this book is perfect for players who are above 1800 rating. Others also can solve this book but the positions are really not that easy.

If you are a beginner or intermediate chess player, you can choose other books. This book is really hard to solve and you will get demotivated.

Here are a few recommendations for beginner and intermediate players

What did I like?

This book develops a new angle for the reader on how to continue positions by slowly improving them. The explanation given by Jacob is nice. The way he narrates the first game against Surya is very interesting.

I like the way the author has arranged the chapters. The positions are of high quality. As I mentioned in the previous article, I liked the page quality of quality chess books. This book is defiantly worth buying.

How to Purchase this Book?

The original price of this book is 29.99USD or 22.95 EURO. You can simply buy this book from Amazon or from the Quality Chess website. Also, you will find this book in chess shops and chess stalls at various tournaments.

About the Book Author

Positional Play

Jacob Aagaard was born on 31st July 1973. Jacob is a well-known author and coach in chess. He has already written more than 20 books, also became a British chess champion in 2007, and got the Senior Fide Trainer title in 2012.

He is famous for writing high-quality books even suitable for GM level also. His famous books include the grandmaster preparation series of 6 books and Practical chess defense.  

He trained already many Grandmasters including GM Sam Shankland. He also runs 365 chess academy which is completely online and at very affordable rates. Check out from here.

About the Publisher

Quality chess is a UK-based company. This was founded by GM Jacob Aagaard, GM John Shaw, and IM Ari Ziegler.

Quality chess is currently dominating the chess market and is currently one of the top publications in the chess world. Most of the books from quality chess are very famous. The page quality and binding quality are also excellent.


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