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Know everything about chess knight

There is a total of 7 pieces in chess that are King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn, etc. In which King, queen, and rook are major pieces and Bishop and knight are minor pieces. In this article, we are going to see information about chess knights. We will see a brilliant game which is played by two strong players.

1- How does the knight move?

In chess, Knight moves in L shape. For e.g, you can move your knight two and a half squares. I am attaching one image so you will understand better how the knight moves. Chess is a very old game and the movement of this piece is decided when the game invented. We don’t have any control over changing pieces’ movement.

What is the value of a knight in chess?

Knight has 3 points in chess. other pieces have 0-9 points for e.g. Queen has 9 points, King has 0 points, the rook has 5 points, Bishop has 3 points and the pawn has 1 point. Since this points system doest matter very much for players. Position and control over the board are important for win the game.

What does the Knight do in chess?

Knight is the piece that is a very important part of a chess game. Since knight and bishop have the same value, some players prefer bishop over knight and vice versa. Knight is very strong in a closed position whereas the bishop is strong in the open position. So remember when you have the close position then exchange bishops first, not knights.

Can a knight Take 2 pieces?

Knight cannot take 2 pieces at a time. But yes any piece can capture unlimited pieces in a chess game.

Can a knight move backward in chess?

Knight is a very dangerous piece in chess. Knight can enter easily in enemy’s house. Knight can also move backward in-game. The only pawn cannot move backward in the game.

What are the benefits of knights?
  •      the only knight can move in L shape
  • Easy to enter in enemy area and attack
Which is the best game with a knight

There are many excellent games that dominated with knights. In many games, the knight is sacrificed to win the game. But here is my favorite miniature game that is played worldwide





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