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Introduction of FIDE Titles in Chess – GM/IM/FM/CM/WGM/WIM/WFM/WCM

In this article, we will see what are FIDE titles and how you can get them. Getting fide titles is not an easy job and you have to work hard for it. Let’s quickly see what is FIDE.

FIDE ( Fédération Internationale des Échecs ) is an international organization based in Switzerland that connects the various national chess federations and acts as the governing body of international chess competitions. Fide was founded in pairs in the year 1924. Currently, there are 195 federations are registered with FIDE. FIDE decides all rules of chess for international level tournaments.

Back to today’s article, Fide has created some titles after achieving a particular level in chess. There are also titles for arbiters such as IA and FA. Let’s see each title in detail.

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Grandmaster is the highest level title in chess. The basic criteria to become a grandmaster is to reach your rating of 2500 and score 3 Grandmaster norms. You can click here to get more details about the criteria to score norms. FIDE first awarded the grandmaster title to 27 players in 1950. To achieve the grandmaster title players have to study hard and get a deep knowledge of chess.

When a player gets the grandmaster title, he becomes famous automatically in the chess world. Average grandmaster charges between 30$ and 60$ per hour for coaching and top grandmasters charge anywhere between 80$ and to 250$. From playing full-time professional grandmaster who is below 2650 earns anywhere between 1500$ to 5000$ per month and a grandmaster who is above 2650 can earn anywhere between 3000$ to 15000$ per month.

International Master

To become an International master Player need to cross the 2400 FIDE rating and score 3 IM norms. Becoming an International Master is not also easy. Generally, a beginner can become IM in 7-10 years if studied properly and if all went well.

International master Charges anywhere between 15$ to 50$. Of course, some are exceptions who charge as high as 100$. Generally, the beginner should try to learn from the International Master from the start of his career. International masters get some conditions in tournaments such as Free stay, Free entry, Free Boarding, etc. depending on the organizer.

Fide Master

When your Fide rating will reach 2300 then you can apply for this title. For the fide master and candidate master titles, you didn’t have to score any norms. Basically Fide master has a much lower value than International Master.

Fide also awards this title to some players directly after winning or placing in the top ranks in certain tournaments. Generally, a Fide master who is making money through full-time coaching earns around 10$ to 25$ per hour or potentially can earn anywhere between 750$ to 3000$ per month

Candidate Master

When the player reaches the 2200 fide rating, He can apply for a candidate master title. Fide also gives the title to many players who win certain tournaments. Generally, a candidate master who is above 2200 rating can earn anywhere between 600$ to 2000$ per month on average.

Women Titles in chess

To encourage women’s chess fide introduces women titles such as women grandmaster, women international masters, women fide masters, women candidates master, etc. Women’s titles don’t have value compared to men’s titles.

WGM chess title can be achieved by reaching a rating of 2300 and scoring 3 WGM norms

WIM chess title also can be achieved by reaching a rating of 2200 and scoring 3 WIM norms

WFM chess title gets when a women cross 2100 rating.

WCM chess title gets when women cross 2000 rating.

for example, generally, Women Grandmaster which is the top title in chess is weaker than International master or equal to Fide Master. Achieving these titles is very easy compared to open titles.

Apart from norms and achieving rating criteria, FIDE also gives direct titles after winning a certain tournament. For e.g. GM title is awarded after winning the world junior championship.

There are also other titles dedicated to organizers, arbiters, and instructors. These titles are IO, FA, IA, FI, SI, FT, SFT, etc.

To get arbiter titles, FIDE organizes various exams, and also arbiters need to do arbitership in a few tournaments. There are a few titles that are recognized by national federations which include the National Master title.


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