Impact of Coronavirus on chess

This article basically focuses on the effect of coronavirus on chess games. Due to the global pandemic, all tournaments were canceled from all over the world. Since chess is the only game that can be played online. In this article, we are going to see the impact of coronavirus on chess.

There are major advantages and disadvantages of playing online chess. World Chess Federation(FIDE) also took some major steps in the development of chess in COVID 19.

FIDE (world chess federation) president Arkady Dvorkovich said the chess world was moving online which would help the sport reach its full potential. Prominent players took part in the events on a regular basis while it was exposure for the up-and-coming ones. 

Initial scenario

Some players raised funds to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. There are some major platforms such as lichess.org chess.com and chess24.com. They also conducted many free tournaments and many elite-level tournaments to promote chess games.

Online events helped organizers save costs. Many organizers are saving on costs like booking a venue, setting up chess boards, paying personnel, chairs/tables, and many more expenses. Organizing an online event only requires marketing.

People should support online chess. If people support online games then, of course, this game will reach the next level and will become one of the most popular games in this world.

I have been playing chess for the last 10 years and played many tournaments online and offline in India and abroad.

I have a lot of knowledge about chess. So my primary data is collected from my knowledge. Some images and some Statistics are taken from online websites and some books

The Rise of Online Chess

Chess is a very popular sport all over the world. Currently, 180+ nations are connected to the World Chess Federation. There are thousands of chess tournaments are organized all over the world.

In 2020 due to the global pandemic, many tournaments are canceled. Organizers also suffered major losses and players also had to cancel all their hotel and flight books. I also canceled 2 tournaments for which I have already booked flight tickets.

There are advantages also. Many chess lovers created many websites. In India, the comedian started playing chess and he is currently a star in the chess field.

Many top chess grandmasters created their own websites, youtube channels, and webinars. There are many associations that organised many on-the-board and off-the-board tournaments.

Grandmaster and world champion Magnus Carlsen also organized 1M USD Magnus Carlsen invitational tour 

Basically due to coronavirus chess players are not earning much from tournaments or cannot improve their level due to no chess tournament. On the board, chess has different levels of benefits that cannot match online chess.

Major events canceled during coronavirus

  • Candidates tournament for world championship selection
  • Budapest spring chess festival 2020
  • Grenke chess festival 2020
  • Biel chess festival 2020
  • Grand chess Tour 2020 (Total 5 events)
  • The European chess championship was postponed to December 2020
  • Tepe Sigman and company invitational chess tournament 2020
  • US chess championship 2020
  • chess party and Pro chess league final matches are also postponed
  • Dubai and Sharjah masters 2020
  • Reykjavik open in 2020

Major online events conducted during coronavirus

  • Clutch chess open
  • Speed chess championship
  • US open online championship
  • FIDE Nations cup
  • World Open 2020
  • FIDE World Olympiad
  • Chessable masters
  • Magnus Carlsen invitational circuit
  • Qatar chess federation bullet tournament

Advantages of playing online chess

Practice practice practice!

Competitive chess is considered a sport by the International Olympic Committee.  Just like every other competitive sport, improving at chess requires studying, experience, and lots and lots of practice! 

Online chess, as mentioned before, allows players to play chess against millions of other players, at any time.  This practice increases a player’s understanding of the game’s many positions and possible situations, improving his or her chess game.

Free of cost

As is the case with many chess clubs, some online chess servers charge a membership fee.  Others, however, offer players the ability to play chess free of charge. 

A free online chess server combined with the worldwide capabilities of the internet ensures that every player in the world, no matter how rich or how poor, has the ability to play against another human player at any time of their choosing.


Chess tournaments are the backbone of the competitive chess tradition.  Thousands of organised chess tournaments are held every year in many countries around the world. 

Unfortunately, not every chess player has hundreds of dollars to spend on a ticket across the country to play in a tournament. 

Many online chess servers offer online tournaments, most of which have a prize. 

The convenience of playing chess tournaments in the comfort of your own home can only be achieved through online chess.

Increase knowledge

Playing chess online increases a player’s knowledge of the game tenfold. 

This knowledge can cover up mistakes that usually occur during chess games, including mistakes coming from frustration or inattentiveness.

Fair competition

Another benefit of online chess lies in the ability to play against players of similar skill levels.  Some players learn the most about their own chess game by playing against players of a similar skill level. 

Others learn better playing against more advanced players.  Online chess gives players the option to choose their opponent and adapt to the learning style that best fits them.


Playing online chess games offers convenience that is unmatched by traditional, in-person chess games.  There are many free chess games to be found on the Internet, allowing players all over the world to play with other players. 

An online chess game also allows players of all skill levels to play with other players either of any level, allowing a multitude of options to test their own skill and the efficacy of certain strategies.


Online chess games allow chess players to play a constant stream of games.  This allows them to constantly test new strategies and practice new tactics. 

As with any competitive sport, chess requires constant repetition and practice to reach a competitive level.  For example, in football, players run drills to train their minds and body to be able to perform flawlessly over and over. 

The drills allow them to prepare to reach a certain mindset and develop muscle memory.  In chess, practice develops a mental memory of certain strategies and positions, especially those that pop up more than once.


When playing chess in person, advanced chess players can read their opponent and develop a specific strategy adapted to their opponent’s playing style. 

Play Online chess games simplify the game of chess by removing the physical presence of the opponent.  This allows a chess player to train based on the position of the pieces and not be affected by the opponent. 

Mastering the technical and mathematical aspects of chess allows players to make moves that give them the best chance to win. 

Advanced players must have this ability on top of the ability to read their opponents.  There is a reason people compare mental competitions to a game of chess!

Youtube and twitch impact on chess during coronavirus

Due to no tournament all over the world and still no tournament in India. Many top players started their own youtube channels and earned a decent amount of money from youtube.

Many players crossed 20k subscribers also. But the game-changer thing is when Comicstan champion Samay Raina started to play chess. Before Samay, no one was playing chess on youtube. But Samay changed the whole gaming pattern.

He is currently the most famous YouTuber in chess in India.

Here is a list of some channels that are playing chess or teaching chess. In the above photo, you will see Agadmator who runs no 1 chess youtube channel

Impact of Coronavirus on chess

  • Agadmator chess channel
  • Samay Raina 
  • Vidit Gujrathi
  • GMhikaru
  • Hindi Chess Channel
  • Chess Talks
  • Adhiban Bhaskaran
  • Gowtham chess


  1. During online tournaments, there should be a compilation on video camera covering the full view of the screen and player body. 
  2. More online tournaments with high prize funds should be organized.
  3. More chess camps should be organized with known coaches


Due to coronavirus, many players got the opportunity to do many other things. Many chess players and comedians started streaming on youtube.

Many players established their own academies and started coaching on various platforms. Some players launched their own chess courses. But those players who are trying hard to reach the top level, are suffering.

Offline tournaments have a lot of benefits compared to online chess. Online coaching is also not equivalent to offline or one-to-one coaching.

But now online tournaments will also be conducted on a regular basis. We will hope that offline chess will start within this year

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