IM Aleksei Kireev wins Brain Chess Checkmate Blitz Championship 2021

Joshi’s Chess Academy Presents Brain Chess Checkmate Blitz Championship 2021
on account of the Birthday of our Senior Trainer Mr. Rupesh Sawant – Senior Trainer of Joshi’s Chess Academy
Date of the Event – 18th August 2021
(Free Entry with Total Cash Fund of Rupees 5,000/-)

The tournament was conducted by Joshi’s Chess Academy from Thane, Maharashtra. The Tournament line-up was quite strong with 2 Grandmasters, 3 International Masters, 2 Candidate Masters, 2 Fide Masters, and many strong players above 2200 FIDE Rating were participating.

There were 916 Players who participated from different parts of the world (A total of 10+ Federations Players played in this event). The Tournament Director for this event was Mr. Abhijit Joshi (Founder of Joshi’s Chess Academy), FIDE INSTRUCTOR, and FIDE ARBITER. The tournament Organiser was FIDE ARBITER SACHIN RANE (Assistant Trainer at Joshi’s Chess Academy)

IM Aleksei Kireev – Russian Player with Lichess Rating 2612 wins the tournament with 10/11 points with Tie break of 71.5 (10 Wins & 1 Loss)

IM Harikrishnan A Ra with Lichess Rating 2592 Secured 2nd Place in the tournament with 10/11 points with Tie Break of 61.5. (10 Wins & 1 Loss)

runner up

Subhayan Kundu with Lichess Rating 2495 Secured 3rd Place in the Tournament with 9.5/11 Points. (9 Wins, 1 Draw & 1 Loss)

The Managers for the Tournament were Mr. Nilesh Bande from Bramhapuri , Maharashtra and Mr. Mastan Babu from AP.

All the Games were checked and analyzed by the Chief Arbiter and Anti – Cheating Team of the tournament. Chief Arbiter for the Tournament was IA DI Prem Pandit from Mumbai, Maharashtra and Deputy Chief was FA Bhavesh Karnik from Thane, Maharashtra.
The Anti Cheating Committee Members consist of:

  1. GM R. R. Laxman (TN)
  2. FM Chinmay Kulkarni (MAH)
  3. FM Aaryan Varshney (DEL)
  4. SNA Rajeev Mandula (AP)
  5. SA Hemant Rane (MAH)

The Official Promotors for this event were as follows:

  • Joshi’s Chess Academy
  • Bramhapuri Chess Taluka Association
  • PR Chess World
  • Kings United Chess
  • Masthanaiah Chess World
  • Pawn Marchers

Technical Support for the Tournament was Mr. Pavan K. Rathi (PR Chess World), FIDE ARBITER AND ARENA INTERNATIONAL MASTER.

The Tournament was Streamed Live on YouTube Channel: Rahul Joshi – Joshis Chess Academy. All the Coaches of Joshi’s Chess Academy were present for the live show, names are:

  • FI FA Abhijit Joshi
  • NI FA Rupesh Sawant (Birthday Boy – 18th August 2021)
  • FA Sachin Rane
  • FA Bhavesh Karnik
  • NI FA Rahul Joshi (Host of the Live Show)

The Tournament was handled and managed by Mr. Rahul Joshi (Senior Trainer of Joshi’s Chess Academy), NATIONAL INSTRUCTOR, AND FIDE ARBITER. He was also Tournament Observer. The Prize Money was Sponsored by Coaches of Joshi’s Chess Academy.

Final Standings