How to Learn to Play Chess Professionally
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How to Learn to Play Chess Professionally?

After the pandemic, many players started showing interest in chess. Players don’t get the exact path when they are looking to start playing chess professionally. In this article, we are going to see steps that will help you to understand how to learn to play chess professionally. 

The best way to learn chess professionally is to hire a good chess coach. A coach can show you a path to go to the next level. A good coach also suggests a new coach once he is unable to teach once a player reaches a certain level. 

There is no exact definition to explain a professional chess player’s word. But usually, we can say whoever making a living from chess is a professional chess player. Chess coaches are also included in this category.

Following are a few tips that can help you to start learning chess professionally

Find a Good Chess Coach

As I mentioned above, hiring a good chess coach is worth every minute. A good coach can guide you properly. He will also help you to find tournaments.

The best way to hire a chess coach is from a referral. Ask your chess friend their coach and contact them. If you still didn’t manage to find a good coach then go to or on the lichess coach page where you will find thousands of chess coaches. Following are some parameters to find a good chess coach

  • Should be atleast +300 rating points.
  • Should be an active player
  • The titled player is an additional bonus
  • Start with 1 class. If you like their approach then only pay for multiple lessons.

Learn Chess Openings

Learning the basics of chess openings is a must for every chess player. The best way to learn to open is to purchase any book or start watching youtube videos. 

Don’t watch a random youtube video that teaches you nothing but just waste your time. Only watch videos related to your openings. 

Another way to learn openings is to play a lot of blitz games on a particular opening. Playing daily 8-10 games will help you so much in long term. But you should play all games seriously. 

Watch Youtube Videos

This is a suggestion particularly to improve your middlegame and endgame. Many talented grandmasters create regular youtube videos which provide you with high-quality value. 

Just spend ½ or 1 hour daily watching youtube videos. These channels are by far the best to follow and subscribe

  • Agadmator’s chess channel
  • Gotham Chess
  • Hikaru Nakamura
  • Killer chess training 
  • Hanging Pawns
  • Saint Louis Chess Club

Play on the Board Tournaments

Playing on-the-board chess tournaments is also a great way to improve your chess game. Try to play more and more classical chess tournaments which gives you enough time to think. You can follow the FIDE calendar or USCF calendar to find tournaments from all over the world and from the USA.

Junior players shouldn’t miss national age group tournaments. National tournaments are the greatest way to test your chess skills. If you have a full-time job then find tournaments that play on the weekend. Usually, weekend tournament happens in the USA than in Europe. 

Analyze Your Games Deeply

After coming from the tournament, analysis is very much important. Try to analyze your games through the engine or with your coach. The best way to analyze games is to find a good analysis partner. If you become active on the forum or any other chess forum, you will easily get an analysis partner who can become your playing and practice partner also. 

Another good way is to use an aimchess subscription to analyze your game. Although the aimchess only offers online game analysis it is worth a try. 

By following the above tips, you will start getting more into chess and slowly you will start moving toward your goal to become full-time chess professional. Let’s see some of the common questions.

Should I Quit My Job and Play Chess?

No. Don’t do that. First, play tournaments on weekends, and start preparing more and more. Chess Players don’t earn enough amount to make living only by playing chess. The best way is to take chess as a hobby and not as a professional if your age is above 25 and still you are a club player or below.

How Much do Professional Chess Players Earn?

The concept of a professional chess player differs from player to player. In general, a chess player cannot earn enough amount by only playing chess. Most chess players start coaching or their academy. 

Usually master-level player earns anywhere between $20-$100 per hour for chess coaching. If you have a good teaching style, you can earn a decent amount by teaching chess. 

How Much Time Does it Take to Become a Master?

It will take 5-6 years to become master level player in chess if you play chess regularly. But for this, you have to invest daily 5-6 hours in practice. 


Learning chess professionally is a long-term process and you will need a lot of patience. Chess is not like studies. Chess also involves the luck factor. 

If you want to improve your game then the best way is to solve chess tactics and hire a chess coach. 

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