How to Get Unbanned from Chess.com?

Seeing that we got banned due to website policy is always disheartening. Although the website also has to follow specific rules to maintain stability and sustainability. Chess.com have millions of users playing millions of games each day. Let’s see how to get unbanned from chess.com.

Some players try to cheat intentionally or unintentionally. Chess.com have there fair play policies, which is helpful for everyone. 

Those who cheat intentionally on any website should get banned permanently. Some people are innocent and just want to try how the ban works, or sometimes chess.com’s AI automatically bans these accounts. The player can then use the following resources to get unbanned on chess.com. 

Why Does chess.com Ban User Accounts?

Having Multiple Accounts

Having more than one account on chess.com is illegal. Chess.com can track this based on your device IP address, Wifi IP address, etc. If they find that you are using two accounts, they can ban your account permanently. 

I know many players who have two accounts from which they play. Usually, the site is not interested in banning accounts. They just want to maintain decency. If you want to use two accounts, just don’t enter your name, country, or city on both accounts. Also, don’t play on both accounts using the same device or wifi ID.

If you are a titled player, you are allowed to have two accounts. One is original, and one is anonymous. 

Fair Play

Chess.com does not allow cheating on its platform. They just ban users’ accounts straight away. Chess.com also releases there monthly fair play report, which you can read on its website. 

Sometimes people don’t cheat intentionally. They just want to try out how cheating not works. Many times kids do cheating because of a lack of maturity level. 

You will be shocked to know that even titled players cheat every month, chess.com bans tens of titled accounts. 

Sometimes chess.com AI can ban your account without any reason. Usually, all fair play reports are checked manually.

Abusive Langauge

This is not tolerated on any online chess website. We play chess to enjoy the game, but sometimes people become too serious about their losses and start using abusive language, threats, etc. This behavior is wrong, and there are very few chances that chess.com will recover your account.

Controlling your anger is very important, especially in chess. Sometimes your opponent can do dirty flagging, bullet tricks, etc. If someone has anger issues, the best way is to turn off commenting on chess.com. 

Other Reasons

Any online chess website can ban your account if they think you are a robot or find your surfing suspicious. Usually, the probability of this is very low. In most cases, you will get a correct reason why they have banned your account. 

How to avoid an account ban?

Play Fairly

This is a very basic suggestion. Don’t try to cheat in any game. We live in the 21st century, and AI has become too strong. They can detect your cheating easily. This is especially for kids who just found the engine and tried it on chess.com. 

Once your account gets banned, you cannot create a user ID from the same IP address (This is true for lichess). The only option that remains for you is to play on another website. But in that case, you missed a lot of opportunities.

Don’t Write and Talk Against chess.com

This is also obvious. If you use an XYZ platform and if you write against it on the same platform, they can ban you. Although criticizing and spreading hate are completely different concepts. 

Also, if you write something good about another platform, then also they can ban your account. But most probably, they will delete that content and warn you, but if you do this, again and again, they will surely going to ban you.

How to Get Unbanned from Chess.com

Finally, we will see how to get unbanned from chess.com quickly and easily.

Understand the Reason

Finding the reason why they banned your account is very important. In most cases, it will be due to fair play. You can visit your profile, and there will be the exact reason for it.

Send Request Email

This is the only way to get your account unbanned. Send a unban request to the chess.com support team, and they will help you out. They usually give one opportunity to everyone. 

In the email, mention that you have realized the mistake and never ever do the same. However, they have a right to make final decisions about account access. 

You can send them a mail at support@chess.com.


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