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Fantasy Chess App Review: Magnus Carlsen’s New Venture

GM Magnus Carlsen is set to launch his new app, Fantasy Chess, A sports fantasy platform dedicated to chess.

After selling the Play Magnus group to, Magnus announced this app on Twitter. This app is a joint venture between Norway Chess, Magnus Carlsen, and Iterate. The main idea of this app is to add fantasy thrill to chess.

The idea of this app is quite simple. All players, from beginners to grandmasters, can compete under one roof where you don’t require many chess skills, but you require knowledge. This is why chess will also become popular.

If you see, many people become fans of cricket and football only because of Fantasy apps. It’s simply rewarding for everyone. Players can make the team without much knowledge and still can win big amounts.

Even for professional players, these apps are life-changing. They got so many opportunities through various deals.

Fantasy Chess App Review

This app will be launched when Norway Chess starts. This will be available only for beta testers during that period.

Stay tuned to this article by saving the link. We are very much excited to post the entire review once it releases. You can join the waitlist by clicking here.

Is Fantasy Chess App Safe?

Although it is not yet launched, we can expect that it will be a very safe app to use as it is powered and collaborated with Former World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Usually, you should be careful while transacting from any app.

How does the Fantasy Chess App works?

Most probably, it will be somewhat the same as other fantasy chess apps. The only factor is there are only two players involved in the game and not 10+, like in football and cricket.

It will be interesting to see what differentiating factor they launch in the chess fantasy app.

How to download Chess Fantasy App?

They will open the app for beta testers in the Norway Chess. We will understand the exact procedure once they launch this app. Most of the fantasy apps are not available on the play store or app store. It would be interesting to see how they launch this app.


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