Top Facts About GM Vidit Gujrathi

Ever wondered what makes a chess grandmaster tick? I’m here to dive into the fascinating world of Vidit Gujrathi, a name that’s become synonymous with Indian chess. His journey from a child prodigy to a global chess sensation is nothing short of inspiring.

Vidit’s strategic prowess and calm demeanor at the chessboard have earned him a spot among the elite. But there’s more to this grandmaster than his ELO rating. Let’s unfold some intriguing facts about Vidit Gujrathi that showcase why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the chess community.

Rising Star in Indian Chess

As I delve deeper into Vidit Gujrathi’s remarkable journey, it’s clear he’s no ordinary chess player. Bursting onto the Indian chess scene, Vidit transformed from a prodigious talent to a grandmaster, capturing the imagination of chess enthusiasts around the globe. His dedication to the game is apparent in his rigorous training schedule and his unmatched focus during competitions.

Born in Nasik, Vidit’s chess prowess was evident from a young age. He swiftly climbed the ranks, amassing an array of national titles before stepping onto the international stage. What sets him apart is his tireless work ethic and strategic acumen, which have been instrumental in his rise through the chess world.

  • Youngest Indian to achieve a rating of 2600 ELO
  • Winner of the 2018 Tata Steel Challengers Tournament
  • Represented India in the Chess Olympiads and World Team Championships

These accolades only scratch the surface of Vidit’s achievements. He stands out not just for his tactical brilliance but for his ability to remain unflappable under pressure, a trait that has served him well in clashes against seasoned grandmasters.

Vidit’s climb isn’t just a source of national pride; it’s a beacon of inspiration for upcoming chess players in India. With Vidit Gujrathi helming the forefront, Indian chess is witnessing a renaissance, furthering the country’s legacy in the realm of this ancient game. His influence extends beyond the chessboard, as he actively engages with fans and budding players through social media and his YouTube channel, contributing to the growth of a more interconnected and informed chess community.

While many may focus on his rankings and titles, it’s Vidit’s approachable personality and commitment to sharing his love for chess that’s helped to nurture a new generation of players. With each match, Vidit continues to demonstrate that he’s not just playing to win – he’s playing to make history.

National and International Successes

Vidit Gujrathi’s impact on chess extends far beyond his personal achievements; his national and international successes have cemented his status as a formidable player on the global stage. Representing India, Vidit has consistently delivered stellar performances, securing vital wins for the country in prestigious events like the Chess Olympiads and World Team Championships.

In the 2017 World Team Chess Championship, I remember vividly how Vidit played a crucial role in the Indian team’s standout performance. His strategic prowess and calm demeanor under pressure were instrumental in key matches. Vidit’s ability to dissect his opponents’ strategies and counter with precision is a testament to his intensive training and analytical mindset.

Another significant milestone in Vidit’s career was the 2019 FIDE Chess.com Grand Swiss Tournament. Despite fierce competition, he held his own against some of the best players in the world. His performance in this tournament showcased not only his refined skill set but also his mental fortitude—attributes essential for thriving in the pressure-cooker environment of top-tier chess tournaments.

Vidit’s international acclaim also stems from his consistent ELO rating, a barometer of a chess player’s strength. As of my last update, Vidit has maintained an ELO rating well above 2700, a distinction that places him among the elite chess grandmasters worldwide. This consistent level of play has ensured that his name is often listed alongside other world-renowned chess figures when discussions arise about the current greats of the game.

It’s clear from observing Vidit’s career trajectory that his national and international successes not only highlight his personal dedication and skill but also contribute significantly to the prominence of Indian chess on the global platform. With each move and victory, Vidit Gujrathi continues to write new chapters in the history of chess, inspiring a legion of young enthusiasts along the way.

The Grandmaster Title and Beyond

Achieving the Grandmaster title is akin to scaling Mount Everest in the chess world. It’s no surprise that Vidit Gujrathi’s reputation skyrocketed after earning this prestigious recognition. However, for Vidit, this accomplishment was just the beginning. As a Grandmaster, each tournament is a test of prowess, resilience, and strategy. Vidit’s trajectory thereafter has been about proving that his Grandmaster title wasn’t a fluke.

One such testament to his skill was breaking the 2700 ELO rating barrier, which stands as a significant milestone for any chess player. Achieving and maintaining a rating over 2700 is no easy feat and places a player amongst the world’s chess elite. It’s a testament to Vidit’s passion for the game and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Vidit has played against and defeated numerous top-ranked players, showing that he doesn’t just belong to the high echelons of the chess hierarchy but also remains a fierce competitor. It’s essential to point out that these victories are not just numbers on a scorecard; they represent hours of meticulous preparation and mental fortitude.

As he journeyed beyond the Grandmaster title, Vidit has also become a beacon for Indian chess. With his analytical skills and intuitive play, he has contributed to shaping the international perception of Indian chess players as formidable opponents. It’s no longer a surprise to see an Indian Grandmaster like Vidit upsetting the well-established pecking order of the chess world.

For Vidit Gujrathi, the Grandmaster title was the foundation upon which he built further successes. Through his relentless effort in international competitions and his continual support of the chess community in India, he has shown that a Grandmaster is not just a player but a multifaceted ambassador of the game. His journey is a clear indicator that for chess prodigies like him, there is always another peak to conquer.

Vidit’s Playing Style and Chess Influences

When discussing Vidit Gujrathi’s playing style, it’s clear that his strategic prowess stands out. My observations lead me to characterize his approach as methodical and positionally sound, often relying on deep calculations to outmaneuver his opponents. Vidit’s strength lies in his ability to create and exploit small advantages, turning seemingly equal positions into winning ones. Moreover, his endgame technique is exemplary, often cited as one of his most formidable aspects.

Vidit has been open about the impact of various chess legends on his development as a player. Growing up, the games of former World Champion Viswanathan Anand had a significant influence on him, not just in terms of playing style but also as an icon of Indian chess whom he aspired to emulate. Additionally, Vidit has drawn inspiration from the games of grandmasters like Vladimir Kramnik and Boris Gelfand, whose deep understanding of the game’s intricacies and positional play resonate with his own chess philosophies.

It’s interesting to note how Vidit adapts his style to the demands of modern chess. With the evolution of chess theory and the increasing relevance of computer analysis, he has incorporated advanced preparation techniques to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive field. His adaptability is evident in his repertoire, which includes a variety of openings, allowing him to be unpredictable and challenging to prepare against.

What sets Vidit Gujrathi apart is not just his technical skill but also his mental fortitude. He’s known for his calm and composed demeanor at the board, a quality that has served him well in high-pressure situations. This psychological resilience, combined with his thorough grounding in chess fundamentals, has contributed to his steady climb up the ranks in international chess.

As his career progresses, I look forward to seeing how Vidit Gujrathi continues to evolve his game and which new influences he will weave into his already sophisticated understanding of chess.


Vidit Gujrathi’s journey in the chess arena is nothing short of inspirational. His achievements underscore a legacy of excellence and a beacon of hope for aspiring chess talents across India and the world. With his engaging presence online and his commitment to the chess community, he’s not just a grandmaster on the board but also a mentor and influencer off it. As I’ve watched his career, I’m continually impressed by his mental toughness and strategic finesse. Looking ahead, there’s no doubt that Vidit’s influence on the game will keep growing, and I’m excited to see how he’ll shape the future of chess with his innovative play and passionate outreach. His story is a testament to where talent, hard work, and a love for the game can take you.


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