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Facts about Magnus Carlsen

If you follow even a little bit of chess or you do check chess news, you will surely know the name Magnus Carlsen, the current world chess champion or the world chess champion for the last 9 years. Magnus Carlsen is said to be the best chess player of all time.

He is from Norway and was born on 30th November 1990. He is 30 years old and there are many fascinating facts about him you surely don’t know. Read the article completely and in the end, you will surely get to know some fascinating facts about Magnus Carlsen

Facts about Magnus Carlsen

The all-time highest-rated player in Chess

Magnus Carlsen has reached the Elo rating of 2882, this rating is the highest any grandmaster has ever reached in chess history. Magnus touched this highest rating when he was only 23 years old. Magnus Carlsen is said to be the most advanced player in chess history. He may touch the 2900 Elo rating in the coming years.

GM title at a very young age

Magnus got his Grand Master title at the age of 13 years and 148 days. He had beaten the former world champion, Anatoly Karpov, for getting one of these GM norms. This was such a huge milestone for such a young player.

Crossing Elo 2800

Magnus crossed Elo’s rating of 2800 at the age of 18 and at the age of 19 Magnus was the number one chess player in the world. Magnus sets the record for reaching at number one position at such a young age. Magnus Played his first chess tournament at the age of eight.

World Chess Championship

Magnus faced Vishy Anand in the World Chess Championship,2013 in India. Carlsen defeated Vishy and won the title. Carlsen Is still the World Chess Champion. The World Chess Championship will be happening in November 2021. Ian Nepomniachtchi will be challenging Magnus Carlsen as he has won the candidate tournament. Magnus had won many rapid and blitz match trophies.

Five Chess Oscars

Chess Oscars are conducted by a Russian magazine which elects the best player of the year by performance and some critics, Magnus has been given a chess oscar five times till now. Carlsen started playing Russian legends at a very young age and he has proven himself in every aspect.

Fantasy Football

Many chess fans don’t know that Magnus is a huge fan of football and once he was on top of the football fantasy league. He plays football fantasy because Carlsen has good knowledge of football, and this helps him in playing football fantasy nicely. Magnus is a Real Madrid supporter.

Sexiest Man alive

In 2013, Carlsen was nominated on the list of sexiest men alive in the world by a UK-based magazine. There is no doubt that Magnus looks smart and he has also done modeling. Magnus has been a brand ambassador of some big brands and does their photoshoots often. He once appeared with Liv Tyler.

Blindfolded ability

Magnus is also good at blindfolded chess as once he has beaten 10 Harvard lawyers simultaneously. This shows the remembering power of Carlsen.

Shortest game

Magnus played the shortest game in his chess career with Vidit Gujrathi at tata steel chess India in 2019. This game went as after playing 4-5 moves Carlsen offered a draw to Vidit, on the other hand, Vidit was shocked and accepted the draw. This was a blitz game with increments. Later, it was said that Magnus was not feeling well.


Magnus follows a completely vegetarian diet. He does not eat any kind of non-veg foods and it is said that Magnus got inspired by his sisters.

Longest Classical Games streak without a loss

Carlsen holds the record of winning the highest number of classical time format games in a row. Carlsen maintained the unbeaten streak of 125 classical games in a row(highest by any player).


Former World Champion Vishy Anand has given the nickname ‘Maggi’ to Magnus Carlsen. Maggi is a favorite and most famous noodle in India. When Carlsen was asked about this nickname his exact words were – “Anand is a world champion. He can call me anything.”

Down-to-Earth personality

Magnus is such a down-to-earth person despite being a world chess champion. Magnus is such a nice person, he respects every persona and he has a good sense of humor you must have seen his sense of humor in interviews and some online chess streams. Anish Giri is said to be a sarcastic chess personality. Magnus and Anish are good friends and we can often see their Nice sarcastic tweets on Twitter.

Played Bill Gates

Magnus once played chess with Bill Gates on a show and he checkmated him in only 9 moves. It is not surprising as Magnus is a world champion and Bill Gates is a technical person. The game lasts only for a few seconds.

Positional Play

Carlsen is said to be the positional player rather than attacking or sacrificing pieces like Mikhail Tal. He wants to gain control of the board after playing openings but you can never tell what he is going to play next. It has been seen that throughout the match the engine bar keeps on showing Magnus in minus but in the end, Magnus converts the whole game. That’s why Magnus is said to be the Best player in Chess history according to science.

Play Magnus

There is a website that is made for only playing with Magnus, you can see how big Magnus is (not kidding). You can play Magnus and train with him by taking memberships. There are several brands acquired by Play Magnus. They are as follows

  • Ginger GM
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  • Everyman Chess

These are some of the facts about current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. Hope you liked the article and get to know some facts about the champion. We will surely come up with some more articles on the facts about other big chess players in chess history.

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