Book Review – Endgame Play by Jacob Aagaard

Endgame play is one of the 6 books of the grandmaster preparation series published by Quality Chess. Other books in this series are positional play, calculation, attack and defense, strategic play, and thinking inside the box.

Author Of book – GM Jacob Aagaard

Publishing Date – 2 June 2014

Published by – Quality chess

What to expect?

Jacob Aagaard covered all types of endgames in this book. As per his style of writing, He explained some positions first and then gave problems in that chapter. In this book, you will find core endgame positions as well as many pieces of endgame positions.

What is a unique thing in this book?

There are many endgame books you can find on the market but this book has some uniqueness. The content is well designed and well prepared. The author only took essential positions and explained to them. So there is not very much complexity in the book if we compare it with the Dvoretsky book or Karsten Mueller book. Also, this book covers practical endgame positions that can mostly appear on the board.

Who can read?

In my opinion, this book is suitable for the rating range of 1800 and above players. Below 1800 players can also try to solve positions but practically it will be difficult for them to solve and understand the meaning and idea behind the position.

Writing style and content

I have handled almost all the books of Jacob Aagaard. His books are perfect, flawless, and without any mistakes. The language is not so difficult to understand.

In content he covered pawn endgame, minor piece endgame, simple rook endgame, opposite color bishop endgame, challenging rook endgame, ending with queens, minor piece endings, complex rook endgame, rook and bishop endgame, tactical endgame, fortress, strategic endings.

What did I like?

I like each and every book written by Jacob Aagaard. In this book, I particularly like his explanation after each position and the analysis is not too deep or too short. I personally liked the 4 chapters which are pawn endings, complex minor piece endgame, rook and bishop endgame, and fortresses.

Other than the content I generally like quality chess book quality. The pages they used are awesome. When you get this book in your hands I am sure you will feel excited.

From where you can buy this book?

This book is available in various online stores including Amazon, the Quality Chess website, Forward Chess, and also in many offline stores.

You can buy from amazon from this link.

PDF Excerpt

About the author









Jacob Aagaard was born on 31st July 1973. He is a well-known author and coach in chess. He has already written more than 20 books. He became a British chess champion in 2007. He got the Senior Fide Trainer title in 2012.

He is famous for writing high-quality books even suitable for GM level also. His famous books include the grandmaster preparation series of 6 books and Practical chess defense.  He trained already many Grandmasters which include GM Sam Shankland. He also runs 365 chess academy which is completely online and at very affordable rates. Check out from here.

I purchased This book from the ChessBase India shop on 28th March 2018. When the book arrived at my home I read all the content and at that time I was doing another book. So I kept it on my shelf. In the month of July 2018, I started doing this book again. Generally, quality chess books are flawless.

About the publisher






Quality chess is a UK-based company. This was founded by GM Jacob Aagaard, GM John Shaw, and IM Ari Ziegler. Quality chess is currently dominating the chess market and is currently one of the top publications in the chess world. Most of the books from quality chess are very famous. The page quality and binding quality are also excellent.


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