DGT 3000 Chess Clock Review: Is It Worth to Buy a Chess Clock?

Chess clocks are the most important chess tool in tournaments. Without a chess clock, the game cannot be finished. Players will not play any chess moves. I remember when I was young, in 2010. There was no chess clock culture. Organizers used to have chess clocks only for the first 10-15 chess boards.

Naturally, all the other players used to wait for the chess clock. They would not prefer to play any chess move until they get the chess clock. This was unfair to players who are worse at managing less time control.

After 2015, things got changed all over the world. Most of the chess organizers started providing chess clocks to all chess boards

In this article, we will talk about DGT 3000 chess clock. This is currently the most popular chess clock in the world. We will see all the features and pricing of it.

What is Digital Game Technology?

Digital Game Technology, also known as DGT. This company is manufacturing chess clocks and digital chess boards for decades. Obviously, they are the market leader in this industry.

Many other companies tried to make the chess clock and chess boards but they are unable to compete in pricing. Making a chess clock is comparatively easy, and many chess organizers are using it because it costs less than usual.

But to use a chess clock in FIDE tournaments, you need to get approval from it. Currently, very few chess clocks are FIDE approved.

Apart from DGT 3000 chess clock, DGT produced many high-quality chess clocks in the past. Right now, DGT is majorly following chess clocks.

  • DGT 3000
  • DGT 2010
  • DGT Echo Talking Chess Clock
  • DGT North American
  • DGT Travel Timer
  • DGT Easy Plus
  • DGT 1001

DGT 3000 Chess Board Connectivity

DGT Chess Clock is compatible with DIgital Chess Board. There is a Headphone jack type socket and a wire which you can connect to the chessboard.

When a player plays a chess move and presses a chess clock, a Digital chess board automatically records a chess move, and also, a clock records time.

By using this, spectators can watch the game from any country. Also, by using basic connectivity, apps like lichess, chess com, and follow chess can integrate live streaming directly.

Key Features of DGT 3000 Chess Clock

  1. Large display: The DGT 3000 has a large, easy-to-read display that shows each player’s time and other important information like move count and game status.
  2. Multiple time controls: The clock can be programmed to support a wide range of time controls, including Fischer and Bronstein timing, as well as time delays and increments.
  3. Easy to use: The DGT 3000 is intuitive and easy to use, with simple button controls and clear instructions.
  4. Durable: The clock is well-built and designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use.
  5. Compatibility: The DGT 3000 is compatible with most tournament chess sets and is used in many official tournaments.

DGT 3000 Chess Clock Settings and Time Controls

There are a lot of chess modes are there in DGT 3000 chess clock. Let’s see them one by one.

Option 1-5 Direct time controls

These are plain time control without any increament or any other settings. These patterns are also known as sudden death chess controls. However, these time controls are not as popular as it was in 2015 or earlier.

Now every player wants to have some increament. Also, providing increament also improves the quality of the game as there are fewer blunder chances.

Option 6-9 More than 1-time control

Sometimes, players need more than 1-time control for some reason. This time control is suitable for those who want to get a time increase after a fixed number of moves.

For, e.g., You will get 60 min at the start for the first 40 moves and then 30 min for the rest of the game.

Option 10-14 Time with Fischer Bonus

This is well-known as increament time control. In this time control, players get an increament after playing every move. Usually, in classical chess tournaments, players get 30 seconds after every move.

Option 15-18 – Delay Per move

In the (Bronstein) Delay method, each player gets a certain amount of time free for each move. In this method, this amount of time is added to the current time before the move is played. If a player uses less than the delay time for a certain move, then when the player finishes his move, the clock jumps back to the time at the start of the move.

Option 19-20 – Byo-yomi

Options 19-20 are dedicated to Byo Yomi time. This is one of the least time control in chess tournaments. You can download and read the official document about this time control. Option 19 is dedicated to Canadian Byo-Yomi, and Option 20 is dedicated to Japanese Byo-Yomi.

Option 21 – Scrabble

In scrabble mode, once the player’s side clock shows 0, it will start blocking and again starts from 0. It helps to calculate a penalty time.

You can use this time format for solving chess puzzles.

Option 22-24 – US Delay

In delay time control, players get free time at the start. For e.g., 5 seconds. Once the opponent plays a move, first, that 5 seconds get counted, and then only the actual time starts. Delay time control and Increament is almost the same. But in delay, you don’t have additional time.

Option 25 – Computer Use

This option is to connect with a computer or with digital chess boards. Chess arbiters can connect the wire to the chess clock and chess board and start streaming live on the website.

Option 26-30 – Manuel Settings

These options enable you to set any time control which you want. The clock also saves this time control until you edit it again. This is the most beautiful feature in recent times.

You can set up any option like an hourglass, Fischer bonus, etc., which gives you amazing flexibility.

DGT 3000 Chess Clock Buttons

You get five buttons in front and one on/off button below the chess clock. The following image will guide you about the buttons.

Let’s see the names of the buttons from left to right – Back, Minus, Start/Stop, Plus, Forward.

Plus button is also useful for seeing the number of moves played. The forward button can also be used as Freeze Button. The Minus button can be used as a sound button.

The buttons and their uses are very minimalist and easy to use.

Is DGT 3000 chess clock worth it?

If you’re a serious chess player or just someone who enjoys playing the game, the DGT 3000 is definitely worth considering. It’s a high-quality clock with a range of useful features, and it has a reputation for being reliable and easy to use. However, if you’re a more casual player or don’t need all of the advanced features, there are less expensive options available that may also suit your needs.

We have written an article about the Best Chess Clock where you will find some cheap alternatives to DGT 3000. You can read it by clicking here.

DGT3000 Limited Edition Chess Clock

This is a wooden color chess clock which is also known as DGT 3000 Limited Edition Chess Clock. This clock has exact same features as the normal DGT 3000 chess clock.

A limited edition clock looks more fantastic than a usual clock.

What chess clock is used in the world championship?

DGT 3000 chess clock has been used as an official chess clock for World Chess Championships for the last many decades.

DGT technology is very reliable, and no one has built a serious alternative for it.

Is it worth buying a chess clock?

Yes. It is. Chess clocks cost not more than $75. It’s good to have a chess clock at home for many uses. The chess clock is not only useful for playing chess games but also useful for playing checkers, shogi, ludo, etc.

I personally use a chess clock for puzzle solving and as a countdown timer for chess practice.

For casual and beginner chess players, a chess clock might not be a great investment. You can download any chess clock app on the app store or on the play store and start playing chess.


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