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Best chess websites and applications to solve tactics

As I previously mentioned in my article, Chess tactics is an excellent way to improve your chess skill. It improves your calculation ability and overall thinking process. Players should solve atleast 10 tactics per day. There are many websites and apps to solve tactics. Most website offer paid subscription but there are some which are absolutely or partially free. All websites have their own rating system for puzzles. The puzzle will come as per your strength. All websites mentioned below have there owned application also, but there are certain applications that are only meant for solving tactics.  The following are some websites/apps to solve tactics.

Websites to solve chess tactics


Chess.com is the most popular chess website in the world because many top players play on this website, this site gain popularity. Chess.com offers premium membership to use unlimited tactics but there is a free plan in which you can solve 5 puzzles daily. It also offers a puzzle rush in which you have to solve puzzles until you go wrong 3 times. In puzzle rush mode there is time mode and survival mode also. In time mode you will get 3 or 5 minutes to solve puzzles and you have to try to solve maximum puzzles as you can and in survival mode, you will get unlimited time. I think chess.com is best to give positions as per individual strength.you can visit website through here


Lichess is a completely free chess website to use and is also the second-largest chess website in the world as per Alexa ranking for websites. Lichess also provides unlimited tactics for solving for free. Most of the tactics on lichess created by the server itself from lichess server real games. You can visit the website through here


Chess24 company is owned by world champion Magnus Carlsen company Play Magnus. Chess24 have also tactics trainer in which they give 5 tactics per day for free. In paid membership, you will get unlimited tactics and quality video series by various grandmasters. Chess 24 can do improvement in tactics tools and make more user friendly. Currently, chess24 is offering a 40% discount on premium memberships. You can visit the website here.


Chessbase is one of the oldest chess websites. Frederic Friedel is the owner of this website and it is famous for there ChessBase software. But recently a few years ago, they have launched ChessBase premium membership with many benefits. If you are an Indian citizen then you will get the membership at less price. One of the benefits is the tactics trainer. Chessbase tactics are usually easy to compare to other websites. But they have one benefit that for every move you will get rating points. This feature is still not available at chess.com or chess24 or any other application. You can visit the website from here

Applications to solve tactics

Tactics frenzy

This is the best application I ever saw in the play store. This is new application launched by team play Magnus, a company owned by Magnus Carlsen. This application gives free service partially. You have to pay if you want to access full benefits. This application background music is best and overall puzzle quality is also good. somehow I feel it is quite hard to solve puzzles on this application.


ichess also is a free application that provides many free positions to solve. This application is mostly beneficial for beginner and intermediate level players. There are in-app purchases also in which they provide different 100 problem packs. The price of that is also moderate. In paid packs you will get a lot of different positions and types of puzzle, you can check out from here

Chess king

This is one of the most popular chess companies in the play store. They have many applications covering different aspects of the game, there is this series of applications which covers tactics coming from the specific opening and also created applications covering players like Vishy Anand, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Alekhine Alexander, Sergey Karjakin, Lasker. Their application has mostly paid access. I like the chess study application of them. In that, they provided 100 free positions of beautiful chess studies created by famous composers and if you want full access then you can purchase from the application.


Now I wish to recommend when to use these applications.

1- When warming up for the round I recommend ChessBase and lichess tactics

2- When you are at home it is best to solve chess.com and chess24 tactics

3- When you are travelling and when you don’t have access to the internet I recommend to solve ichess or checking application since you can download content on the device

If you know any other websites or applications to solve chess tactics then let me know in the comment section. If you like this article then comment and subscribe to our newsletter.

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