Gold vs Platinum membership is currently the best chess-playing perform in the world.  They have currently more than 40 million-plus users. This site using a freemium model in which some features are for free and some are paid. This site hosted many tournaments such as titled Tuesday, speed chess championship open, for women and junior players. offers 3 plans i.e. Gold, Platinum, Diamond. In this article, we will compare gold and diamond membership.

Benefits offered by for Gold members

  • 25 puzzles per day
  • 5 puzzle rush per day
  • 3 lessons per week
  • game report and analysis
  • unlock all bots
  • zero ads

Benefits offered by for platinum members.

  • Unlimited puzzles
  • Unlimited puzzle rush
  • 5 lessons per week
  • No ads
  • Game reports and analysis

Pricing Of Platinum And Diamond Membership

As you know is a paid membership. platinum membership starts at 49$ per year and diamond membership will cost you 99$ per year. If you are Indian then you will get around a 50% discount on membership. offers free diamond membership to all GM, IM, FM, CM, WGM WIM, WFM, WCM, NM.

Pro tips before purchasing a membership

1- after the end of the free trial, you can mail to to extend the free trial, Most probably you will get more than 1 week of free
2- If you don’t have an account, create from here, they will send you updates from time to time about special offers and discount codes

Who should purchase these memberships

As you have seen gold membership will cost only 29 USD per year means less than 0.080$ per day. This membership is defiantly worth it if you are a beginner or if you are doing a full-time job or business and you have very little time. As you see there are a lot of differences between gold and platinum membership. If you are a professional chess player, then platinum membership is best in all 3 membership. If you are a lover of solving puzzles then you should definitely go for platinum membership in So if we compared rating wise, Gold membership is best for people who are a beginner or those who don’t want to see many ads. Platinum membership is best for everyone. Platinum membership is just perfect. If you want to read a comparison about platinum and diamond membership then you can read from here 

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