Chess Board setup step by step guide

Knowing the chessboard setup is the first step to start your chess journey. Most people get confused about the king and queen position. I will give you the following step-by-step guide to set up the chessboard properly. Here are some basic rules and facts that many people don’t know about setting up a chessboard.

  • There are a total of 64 squares on the chessboard
  • The total number of pieces is 32 (16 white + 16 Black)
  • Each player has 1 king, 1 queen, 2 rooks, 2 Bishop, 2 knight, and 8 pawns
  • In the starting position white king is placed at the black square and the black king is placed at the white square


1- King position


King’s position on the chessboard is in the center adjacent to the queen. The white king should be placed on E1 square (Black square) and the black king should be placed on E8 (White square). The following diagrams show the exact places of king and queen


2- Queen position

White Queen should be placed on D1 square i.e. adjacent left side to the King. The black queen should be placed at D8 square. Following diagram shown the exact position of king+queen.


3- Rook Position

There is a total of 4 rooks on the chessboard. Rooks are placed at all 4 corners of the chessboard i.e. A1 A8 H1 H8. The following diagram shows the position of king+queen+rook.


4- Bishop Position

There are a total of 4 bishops on the chessboard. Bishop is placed between Knight and queen/king. Bishop placed at squares C1,C8,F1,F8. The below diagram will clarify.


5- Knight position. 

A total of 4 knights are there on the chessboard. Knight placed at squares B1, B8, G1, G8.


6- Paws position

Pawns are placed at 2nd and 7th rank. There is a total of 8 white and 8 black pawns are on the chessboard. Every pawn is placed in front of each piece. Following is the final position of the chess board setup.


above position is set up in standard chess. There are many chess variants also. You will find this in this blog. Click below to read more about variants.



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