Wesley So v/s Magnus Carlsen!

Is Wesley So the one who can dethrone Magnus Carlsen? Can Wesley So challenge Magnus Carlsen in the 2022 World Championship? What is the Rivalry status of Magnus Carlsen?

The thing with Magnus is like it used to be with Chicago Bulls, every time there used to be a new Competitor! First Magic Johnson vs Michal Jordan. Then Isiah Thomas vs Michal Jordan. Later Kobe vs Michal Jordan! Similarly, Magnus Carlsen is getting new challengers every time. Starting with Anand, then Karjakin, then Caruana. We don’t know who will be the one this time but I really want to see a matchup between Carlsen and Wesley so! Why is this the case? Let me lay a few facts which I have observed- The finals of the Opera Euro Rapid online championship took place on 13&14 Feb.

It was the day when So took on The current Triple world champion Magnus Carlsen! Wesley was in top-notch form going into the finals while Magnus had a few tough encounters reaching the finale. A lot of people put their bet on Carlsen while some did hope that Welsey will pull through. Day one ended in 2-2 while day 2 saw Carlsen going all out a lot of times but didn’t manage to win while Wesley so plucked in one point and won the second day with 2.5-1.5. Thus he won the tournament with 4.5-3.5 against Carlsen. I am quite sure Carlsen will make a strong comeback but there are a lot of instances which give a hint that Wesley might have the calibre to dethrone Magnus.

Another incident I recall is from chess960 world championship in 2019. Wesley beat Carlsen 13.5-2.5! Not an easy score to achieve against Carlsen. Although the point system was different, this domination against Carlsen is not so normal. Recently in Skilling open Wesley spoiled Carlsen’s 30th birthday by beating him in the finals!

Such records prove that Wesley can be a strong contender to dethrone Magnus! Although Magnus does dominate their individual encounters a lot of times recently he is facing issues against Wesley.


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My 3 favourite features on chess.com

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share you a few features of chess.com which always make me happy and improve my knowledge of the game! Apart from playing on chess.com, which is the speciality of it, You can check out my 5 favourite features of chesscom

Latest Articles –

Articles on any current topic or controversy are published on chess.com. As it is one of the largest and trustworthy platforms, chess.com team brings the latest news while it also allows readers to present their articles which people might like and wish to share. Also, a lot of titled players keep on writing informative blogs which discuss some interesting topics in chess. If you fulfil criteria of chesscom then you can apply for a top blogger on chesscom, provided you need to keep writing at regular intervals.

Puzzles –

Puzzles feature has sub-features where puzzles are divided and also presented in a challenging way in the form of survival. It also has a column of drills where beginners can train to win games with Queen vs King or 2 Rook checkmate etc. Another point of puzzles is the puzzles keep us in shape and then if you can reduce your blunders you will automatically start winning games.

Variants for fun –

Variants on chesscom are amazing. It always puts me in awe how can some team come up with so high-class variants in chess. The blindfold, bughouse and 4 player chess are my favourite variants in chess. Also if you check there are a few variants like crazy house which can be played by persons who play chess for pure fun.

So above were 3 of my favourite features on chesscom. If you want to know more about them then you can find it on chess.com. 

Do mention in the comments section if which feature do you like the most?




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4 Shocking resignations in Chess

Life is unpredictable is what we face regularly. Have you ever felt that while trying to achieve something you gave up on it quite early when you could have tried a bit more? Or have you ever been in a situation where nerves got to you and you blundered in a totally winning position? Today we are going to look at 4 resignations in chess where the player who was winning, resigned the game!

Chess is such a complicated game that even at times best in the world judge the position incorrectly. This happens in a game and it is obvious, if you don’t see a move, you can’t be blamed for it. So let’s see the 4 shocking resignations in Chess.


White to play

In the above game, from a speed chess championship match. Hou Yifan was white and Hikaru Nakamura was black. If you see, Black is threatning a checkmate in 1 move with Rhxh3 and white shockingly resigned in this position! White missed that c8(Q) protects pawn on h3. Quite shocking!


Black to play

White created a very interesting attack and seemed to have defeated black psychologically. Try to find out how can black save the game and get a winning advantage!


Here white played Rh8+ and black resigned

Black totally forgot the end of his calculation, Rh8+?? – Kxh8! Kxg6+ – Rxe5! and black can capture the pawn on e7. I consider this as an unpredictable resignations in Chess

Black to play

Considering that d4 Bishop is pinned and Rook on d7 is hanging, Black resigned. Well, there is a move which not only saves the game but also gives a winning advantage for Black!


These were 4 shocking resignations in Chess. The answers to the 2 positions will be given in the next article on the same topic, till then keep trying! Keep practising chess!

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Nimzo Indian Defence – DVD recommendation

Continuing with our Nimzo Indian Defence series, today I am sharing my experience about how I prepared Nimzo Indian Defence. So as mentioned in one of the articles from this series, Spassky – Fischer game was an inspiration but that wasn’t sufficient to play Nimzo Indian. I needed some material to rely on, I lacked material but got Nimzo Indian Defence by Jacob Aagaard. I followed the concepts taught by him. But I realized it was a bit old and wanted some new data to study.

My experience with this DVD

I saw The Lifetime Repertoire by Rustam Kasimdzhanov. I really loved the data in it, he has given a very easy to remember and comparatively similar ideas to every variation. He has considered all the tricky options mentioned from the white side and also given options which lead to dynamic positions with all 3 results possible. This did suit my style so I enjoyed studying lines from it and also implementing it in my games.

The Instructive games section also provides a lot of instructive games which helped me understand Nimzo Indian better. The tests section boosts one’s confidence and helps you recall the ideas.

Lines covered after 1. D4 – Nf6 2. C4 – e6 3. Nc3 – Bb4.


  1. f3 – The saemisch
  2. e3 – The Rubinstein
  3. Nf3 – The Kasparov Variation
  4. Qc2 – The classical.
  5. Sidelines

Interesting games

The Interesting games section has 4 games covered in it. The games are moderately annotated and well explained –

  1. Bai Jinshi – Ding Liren
  2. Alexie Shirov – Anatoly Karpov
  3. Boris Spassky – Bobby Fischer
  4. Golod – Rustam Kasimdzhanov.


You can get this DVD on ChessBase India shop. The cost is just Rs 1178/-. You can check it from here.

I will be coming up with Players to follow in Nimzo Indian in the coming articles. I hope I was able to contribute to your knowledge. Do comment what you would love to know in Nimzo Indian.





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Zugzwang in chess

Have you ever seen a scenario where it’s your turn to make a move and that is a disadvantage? Chess is a very interesting game. It has so many contradictory principles. For eg. Everyone wants to have white pieces, the reason being they get to make the first move. But this advantage of having the turn to move becomes a disadvantage when you land in a zugzwang. So what is a zugzwang?


According to the German language, Zugzwang in chess and in other “turn-based games” is a position where you have to make a move and it leads to a disadvantage. As chess is a turn-based game, one cannot make a “pass”. He has to make a move and this move calls for disaster. So we had a lot of theoretical knowledge, let’s see the practical examples.


  1. Standard Position of zugzwang

In the above position, you can notice, both kings are protecting their pawns. In this scenario, if it is white to move he will have to step aside from protecting the pawn. This is the disadvantage of having the move.

  1. Zugzwang in middlegame.


Getting zugzwang in the middlegame is quite unique as there are a lot of pieces and one cannot really get all of them in a bind. So Following is a position from Super GM Hikaru Nakamura’s blitz game where he catches his opponent in zugzwang.

Here I am attaching the video of the game.


I hope you liked the concept of Zugzwang in chess. Do inform in comments if you ever got zugzwang in your games.

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