Types of draws in chess

Chess is a complex game. It is a game which we enjoy playing, but once we start playing it practically, we realize we cannot win every bad position. Some times we need to aim to make a draw. A win gives 1 point, draw gives 0.5 and a loss gives 0. When our opponents are strong, we realize that at times we have to bail out with a draw. A draw is not a bad result. Especially if we are losing.  There are various ways in which game leads to draws in chess. Today I try to cover all of them.

Draws in chess by repetition –

When a both the players are not willing to make progress in their position, they repeat moves. In this way the game ends in a draw. This usually happens in Grandmaster games as when they feel it is difficult to win, they decide to bail out with a draw.

Draw with perpectual check –

This type of draw in chess is commonly seen in puzzles. When one side has missed a winning line and the other side manages to make a comeback by giving perpectual checks. Here the side recieving checks is not able to escape from checks. So the game ends in a draw.

Photographic Draws in chess –

This is a draw which a player has to claim. Lets say a game is going on and the position currently on the board has been repeated 3 times but not in a sequence on same moves, for example, a position occured on move 61, 68 and 72. This can be a draw if it fulfills following conditions

a) No pawn moves since the position occured first time.

b) No captures since the position occured first time.

c) In all the three positions, the same player had his turn to make a move.

d) No en-passent option was available when the position occured first time.

e) Casteling was either possible to a player /to both players for all the 3 times, or it was not possible to a player /to both players for all the 3 times.

If all these conditions are fullfilled, then one can claim a draw.

50 moves rule –

50 moves rule comes with a common myth. As 50 and 15 sound similar, a lot of beginners confuse it that it is 15 move rule. The 50 move rule is that in any position (not just with just king left on one side) where there is no capture or pawn move of  straight 50 moves, it can be claimed as a draw. It states that the winning side lacks the skill to win a position.

Stalemate –

Stalemate is often seen in begineer level. Initially a lot of people end up stalemating their opponents. This happens due to lack of technique. Once you learn proper techniques of how to checkmate with a queen or a rook, then you rarely stalemate anyone. Also there are a lot of puzzles to stalemate. It is a useful defensive skill. One can increase his level of resourcefulness with such tricks.

Agreed draws in chess-

This needs not much of an explaination. Here one player offers a draw, while the other accepts. This is usually seen in last rounds where players aim to win some prize with peace. It also feels good when you can easily make a draw and win a tournament.

Draw due to insufficient winning material –

Draw also occurs when a side does not have a sufficient winning material. There are a lot of positions where material is insufficient to win. Example, A single Knighr or a single Bishop, or two knights cannot checkmate opponent king with the help of their own king.

So these are some of the ways to make  draws in chess. Do comment if you found this article helpful 🙂



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3 best ways to learn chess from your home

Chess is currently in the boom. If you are interested to learn chess then this article for you! This is the best time to start your chess journey. There are a lot of ways to learn chess online and offline. We will see a few of them.

You can become a professional chess player by self-study only. If you select a coach then it is always better. You just have to invest some amount in books and you are all set to go. Following are some ways to improve your chess by sitting at home

1- Websites

there are multiple websites that help you to improve your chess journey. The top chess websites are chess.com and lichess.org. They both are getting millions of traffic in a day. You can study various things from this website

The basic motto of the online chess website is playing chess online with players from all over the world. I will suggest that you can play rapid games or blitz games and analyze your games after finishing your games.

You can also watch their video series. For players who are beginners, I will recommend them to use the chess.com video series and for players who want to improve some level then they should go for chess24 premium membership which will cost you around $100 after discounts.

Also, solve tactics from this website. Solving a lot of tactics on daily basis will automatically improve your game play and level of play. You solve at least 10-15 tactics each day.


Books are the best way to improve your chess. There are a lot of books which are available in the market. You can select any book and start studying. For the absolute beginners, we have written some articles which you can read and study that books. For those who know the basics of chess then they should go for Artur Yusupov 9 books series. These 9 chess books will help you to improve your fundamentals.

Books are also helpful to study classics. Watching old games is relaxing and enjoyable. you will also understand the history of players. I will recommend you to read Garry Kasparov my great predecessors’ series. This series is consist of 5 books and one of the best book which I have ever seen.

Selecting books is a very difficult task if you are a book lover. If you get into a lot of confusion then ask an expert or buy any famous book and study that book. Usually, all chess books are valuable.


There are a lot of applications from which you can learn and study chess from your phone or tablet. One of my favorite apps is the Play Magnus and Magnus trainer app. Magnus trainer is a complete application to improve your chess. The subscription fee for that app is around $10 per month but for beginners, it is worth it.

There are a lot of other applications which are very useful to improve your chess. Some apps include ichess, tactics frenzy, chess king applications, etc.

4- Find a good coach

Finding a great chess coach is a very important task. The coach will help you to get better at chess, explaining fundamentals at chess. For finding the right chess coach, the best way is by referral. If you know any good chess coaches start coaching with them. don’t find too many strong chess coaches. If you are a beginner chess player then don’t go with grandmaster coaches. They will be expensive for you.

Try to find a local chess coach who will teach you in person. Instead of joining an academy try to find a personal coach to improve faster.

If you are still struggling then find the best coaches from lichess coaches. Lichess lists only Fide titled holder coaches. It will be very much helpful to you to find good coaches.


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Basic Tactics in Chess Part 3 – Fork & Double Attack

Fork and double attack are the most common ideas in chess. When you attack two pieces with one move. When you attack two pieces with a knight move, it is called a fork. The double attack is when you attack two pieces with a Queen, Rook or a Bishop. There is no general reason for it. So let’s dive straight to the positions.

Nc7+! An amazing move to make. This is called “The Royal Fork!”. Its called especially when it attacks more than 2 pieces at a time.

Another position where bishop attacks the rooks.
The e5 pawn attacking 2 pieces at a time
White to play, spot a double attack
White to play,


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This 5 youtubers will actually improve your chess strength

After the release of queen’s gambit on Netflix, chess showed a 5x user increase. Various new streamers, new players came and started recording videos and recording them. Many people don’t have real strength and just uploading videos from which you will learn nothing. If you want to become a strong chess player from a hobby chess player then you should definitely look into these youtube channels without wasting any time.

1- Agadmator chess channel

Antonio Radic who is also known as Agadmator on youtube just hits his 1 million subscribers and he is 1st one who has crossed 1M in chess. Agadmator generally analyses games from top players. He is always on time and analyses the latest top-level games. In his channel, you will see only chess content and nothing else. This channel is definitely suitable for those who are currently rated below 1800.

2- Gotham chess 

IM lavy Rozman is a very strong player from the united states of America. He started his youtube journey in 2020, In just 1 year he gained almost 600K subscribers. His style of teaching is awesome and he is also a top chess streamer on youtube. Gotham’s current rating is 2421. He also launched 5 courses on chess which you can purchase from his official website.

3- GM Hikaru

Hikaru Nakamura, the most famous personality in online chess. He posts regular videos on youtube. He analyses and plays games and his commentary is very entertaining as well as educational. He is one of the top players in chess if we consider rapid and blitz chess. Honestly, you will not learn much from him but you will enjoy his analysis style.

4- Ichess 

Ichess is a fully educational channel. Ichess is one of the biggest websites for online courses. Recently their website is brought by world champion Magnus Carlsen’s company play Magnus. They post regular videos about chess and their quality is also super high. They generally post-opening related content on there channel. Check out their website – https://www.ichess.net/

5- IM Eric Rozen 

IM Eric Rosen who is also from the USA. He currently has a 350k+ subscriber base. Recently in 2020 he also started youtube. He is also famous on twitch. He is very polite whenever he speaks something. He also plays rapid or blitz games on lichess and analyses.

This is our pick of 5 chess YouTubers who actually teach chess and not do timepass on streams. If you know more then let us know in the comment section

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My 3 favourite features on chess.com

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share you a few features of chess.com which always make me happy and improve my knowledge of the game! Apart from playing on chess.com, which is the speciality of it, You can check out my 5 favourite features of chesscom

Latest Articles –

Articles on any current topic or controversy are published on chess.com. As it is one of the largest and trustworthy platforms, chess.com team brings the latest news while it also allows readers to present their articles which people might like and wish to share. Also, a lot of titled players keep on writing informative blogs which discuss some interesting topics in chess. If you fulfil criteria of chesscom then you can apply for a top blogger on chesscom, provided you need to keep writing at regular intervals.

Puzzles –

Puzzles feature has sub-features where puzzles are divided and also presented in a challenging way in the form of survival. It also has a column of drills where beginners can train to win games with Queen vs King or 2 Rook checkmate etc. Another point of puzzles is the puzzles keep us in shape and then if you can reduce your blunders you will automatically start winning games.

Variants for fun –

Variants on chesscom are amazing. It always puts me in awe how can some team come up with so high-class variants in chess. The blindfold, bughouse and 4 player chess are my favourite variants in chess. Also if you check there are a few variants like crazy house which can be played by persons who play chess for pure fun.

So above were 3 of my favourite features on chesscom. If you want to know more about them then you can find it on chess.com. 

Do mention in the comments section if which feature do you like the most?




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