8 Best Chess Books For Beginners

The study of chess books is necessary for every chess player. If you are a beginner then you should study on the board to get maximum understanding of the chessboard. In this blog, I have suggested you best chess books for beginners. The following are some best books for beginners to improve chess skills quickly. I personally studied most of them. There are many books that I want to recommend, I will defiantly do 2nd part of this subject.


100 endgame you must know by Jesus de la villa

A lot of top players recommend that you should start learning from endgames followed by middlegames and then openings. So to follow that sequence this is one of the most famous endgame books in the world.author selected perfect puzzles that every player should know. This book is suitable for any player. We will write a detailed review soon. As per my opinion, people should buy this book from chessable.com and solve it there. Otherwise, if you want a hardcopy then you can buy from here.


IM John Bartholomew shared his review about this book – I really believe this will improve your game. Want to brush up on your K+P endings? Want to know how to mate with B+N vs. K? Win or draw complex rook endings? I go through it all and hope these videos will help add a whole lot more to this, to make it easier to understand and help you fully learn them. I try to explain the concepts and rules in different ways, often using comparison, methods that have worked with students, and my personal experience with these endings (like the time I failed to win K+Q vs. K+R vs. a Grandmaster!).

1001 chess exercise for beginner

This book is published by a new chess publication. In this book author Franco Masetti given 1001 selected exercise for beginner level. Highly recommended book for every player who wants to improve his tactics. You can buy this book from here

Pandofilni endgame course

Bruce Pandolfini, a National Master in U.S. chess competition, is the creator of the highly acclaimed Fireside Chess Library. He is a renowned instructor, a consultant on chess for the media, and a frequent commentator on the Radio.  In this book, the author has covered all aspects of basic endgames that every player should know. This is a highly recommended book for beginners. Personally I have studied endgame from this book when I was a beginner. You can buy this book from here 

700 opening traps

700 opening traps written by bill wall. In this book, he was given various openings traps. The learning opening trap is very important at the beginner level because it will give immediate victory and there are high chances that the opponent can fell in your trap. You can visit his blog there you will get a lot and lots of PGN books that you can directly open in ChessBase application or even in any mobile application. Although this book is rarely available on any online store. still, you can buy kindle edition from amazon from here

Winning chess series by Yasser Seirawan

Yasser Seirawan was a famous Syrian born American grandmaster. He is a famous commentator also. He is currently working at Saint Louis chess club and regular visitor on famous twitch channel chessbrah. In this series, he has published 7 books under name of Seirawan’s winning chess series and published by everyman chess. It is the best chess book series for beginners to improve all aspects of chess. In India, you will get this book at a cost of 5 euro per book. You can buy PGN+Ebook from everyman chess official website. following are 7 books written in this series. This series of books is the best chess books for beginners. you can click below names to purchase these books.


My System by Aron Nimzowitsch

my system is written by Aron Nimzowitsch in 1925. This book is known as a world-famous chess classic book. If you want to improve your chess you must study this book by heart. In this book, Aron mainly explained the basic principles of chess. If you ask any player/ coach then he will suggest this book only. You can get this book from here.




Review by chesscafe.com on this book – “Since its publication approximately eighty years ago, My System has been one of the cornerstones of chess theory and instruction. It has been a major influence on the development of chess theory and praxis for most of the 20th century and will continue to do so in the 21st. The re-release of Nimzowitsch’s extraordinary work, along with the additional material included by the publisher makes the appeal and importance of this great book as relevant as it ever was.”

The Chess course by Praful Zaveri

The chess course series is one of the famous series in the world. The author is Fide Instructor Praful Zaveri. Praful owns an Indian chess school, one of the most famous academies in Maharashtra, India. The author has one main book – “The Chess Course” which is supplemented with six training books. The author sold more than 1,00,000 copies of chess courses all over the globe. It is perfect for beginner players and all coaches who want to teach students from beginner level. The following syllabus is covered in the books. You can buy the main book from here.


  • Book 1: Chess Course (the main book)
  •  1st workbook: Tests you on the basics and at the end of it you would know all the rules of the game including castling and En Passant
  •  2nd workbook: This book is all about mating patterns
  •  3rd workbook: Basic tactics
  •  4th workbook: Endgames including basic pawn endgames, rook endgames, Lucena, Philidor etc.
  •  5th workbook: Advanced Tactics
  •  6th workbook: Learning difficult checkmates, solving chess compositions, and studying 100 classics.

Note: The main book contains nearly all the topics of the six workbooks and they have to be done in sync with each other. you can watch the following video to get all details about this course.


1001 Deadly Checkmates

British Grandmaster and famous author John Nunn has written the book 1001 Deadly Checkmates. In this book, he covered many types of checkmate. The book was published by Gambit Chess. Understanding checkmate patterns is very much important for chess players. You can buy this book from here


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