It‘s that time of year again! Black Friday is just around the corner, and that means big savings on chess products. Whether you‘re looking for a new chess set, chess board, or chess software, you‘ll find great deals on chess products this Black Friday.

This Black Friday deal comes once a year. You can take full benefit of it!

Here are some of the best deals on chess products we‘ve found so far:

Modern Chess – Up to 70% off

Modern Chess is one the best chess website to purchase high-quality chess courses. On this black Friday sale, Modern Chess is offering up to 70% off on their catalog.

Apart from that 70% offer, you can use the nikhil45 coupon code to get a flat 45% off. There is no upper limit for this offer.

Here are the full details of this offer

✅Partner Products – 70% Off
✅Camp Databases – 60% Off
✅Opening Databases – 50% Off
✅Middlegame Databases – 50% Off
✅Endgame Databases – 50% Off
✅Learn from Classics – 50% Off

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Who doesn’t know But do you know that has its own chess shop which is managed by the House of Staunton?

Use coupon code BLACK to get flat 20% off on all purchases!

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House of Staunton – Flat 20% off 

House of Staunton is a leading manufacturer of chess boards and other chess suppliers.

Use code BLACK to get flat 20% off!

We will update all deals once we get them!

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