best chess set for beginners

5 Best Chess Set for Beginners

There are many different chess sets available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose when you’re just starting out. We recommend buying a durable and travel-friendly chess set. In this article, we will see the 5 best chess set for beginners.

Chess is a game where you require the least tools and space. You only need a chessboard and a space to play. This game can be played anywhere, including Trains, flights, buses, and even in space! 

Why are chess sets necessary?

  1. Chess is also known royal game. It is a good sign to have a chess set at your home. Usually, guests get impressed when they see a chess set in the living room.
  2. Once you have a chess set, you play more games, which will help you improve your strength.
  3. Some people collect different chess sets as a hobby. Also, luxurious chess sets cab to be a good investment. 
  4. Limited edition chess sets can be sold at much higher prices. 

5 Best Chess Set for beginners

In this article, we will see the five best chess sets for beginners, which are divided into different categories. The most recommended is a vinyl chess set, which is very easy to carry and durable. The wooden chess board is the best option for home and office use.

1- Best Chess Set Ever 4x classic Tournament Style Chess Set

Suitable for – Beginners to professional chess players

This is the best chess set you will ever get at this price. The best Chess Set Ever chess board is designed for professional chess players. You will get everything, including a chess board, chess pieces, and two bags to keep each color piece. Also, this board is marked with algebraic notation for reading and noting down moves. 

The unique thing is this board is a double-sided board. On one side, you will get black squares, and on the other, you will get a green chessboard. This chess board is no doubt the best chess set for beginners to professional chess players.

Here are some of the best features of this board

  • This chess board comes with four variants starting from $30
  • Easy to carry and luxurious look
  • Super flexible and durable chess set
  • Comes with two bags to keep pieces and also a nice-looking box

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2- DGT Walnut Board Non-Electronic with Timeless Pieces

Suitable for – Home and Office Use 

This is undoubtedly a real luxury chess set manufactured by one of the best chess companies, which is known as Digital Game Technology (DGT). This board is made up of high-quality wooden and very sturdy chess pieces. The size of the king is 95 mm. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have coordinates printed. You need to write it manually with a marker. 

DGT is the official chess clock for FIDE and various other chess tournaments. Their chess boards and chess clocks feel a supreme feeling. The electronic version of this chess board is used in various official chess events. 

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3- Square off Grand Kingdom Chess Set

This chessboard is exactly what everyone wants! Square off chess board is the world’s first automatic chess board that makes automatic chess moves. This technology is so unique that no one has been able to copy this till now. For the last 6-8 years, this has been the only chess board that makes chess moves automatically. 

You just have to start a game on their app or on an online chess website. After starting the game, the board will play your opponent’s moves. Because of this technology, people can play with each other from anywhere in the world. 

Here are some of the features of this chess set

  • You can also play with this chess board. This chess board is preinstalled with 20 levels, and their AI technology adopts your strengths of you and improves accordingly. 
  • Livestream chess tournaments on the board. You will not need any chess app to see games. Once you set the basic configuration, the board automatically starts replication moves.
  • This can be a great gift for chess players and chess enthusiasts.

This chess set can be the best chess gift for your loved ones. This product is on the high pricing side but has high technology and development costs.

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4- DGT Centaur- New Revolutionary Chess Computer – Digital Electronic Chess Set

This is a similar type of product as the Square off-chess set. The only drawback is pieces don’t move automatically. There is also a huge pricing difference of around $150. This set will cost you $300. 

Even there are many features that are lacking compared to the square chessboard. 

This chess set is useful for players who only want to play alone. 

Although DGT manufactures this chess board, you will surely get quality chess products.

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5- Chess Armory Magnetic Chess Set

The list is incomplete without the Magnetic Chess set. The magnetic chess set is very useful if you are traveling regularly. Chess Armory magnetic chess set comes with very good material and extra queens. Also, the chessboard itself becomes a storage box. This board is also a bestseller on amazon. 

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What are the other chess tools apart from chess sets?

Apart from chess sets, chess players often require a chess clock. There are two types of chess clocks, i.e., Digital Chess Clock and Analog Chess Clocks. The DGT 3000 is the bestselling chess clock in the market, also used for the official world chess championship.

How much should you spend on a chess set?     

This varies on individual capacity. But I highly recommend not spending on a fancy chess board. If you are a chessboard collector, then that’s a different story. In general, you should spend $30-$75 for a chessboard.

Is chess an expensive hobby?

It also depends on how much improvement you want for beginners; it’s not an expensive hobby. You will get a chess set and chess clock for under $100. You can easily hire a chess coach for $25-50 per hour. Overall your initial expenses are $100, and then for coaching, you need to spend another $100-150 per month. 

You can avoid chess coaches by learning from youtube and from Following are some of the best tools which we have reviewed for beginner chess players. You can click on any of it and read the complete review.

Which chess set is used for the world chess championship?

For recent world championships, FIDE used Official World Chess Premium Set. You can also buy it for $679 from the world chess website. A similar plastic version of this chess set is also available for $49, which you can buy from Amazon by clicking here.


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