5 Best Chess Classes in Perth

Looking to elevate your chess game while boosting your cognitive abilities? Perth is a big city with many great chess classes for people new to the game or has been playing for a long time. Sharpen your mind and delve into the intricate strategies of this timeless game, all while enjoying the rich culture and history of one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Did you know that Perth has a rich history in chess? Over the years, the Country has produced several world-class players, including Ian Rogers and David Smerdon. Perth has many people who love playing chess and have competitions and events for players to improve and show off their skills.

So why not join the ranks of these legendary chess players and enroll in one of the best chess classes in Perth? No matter if you are starting to learn chess or have been playing for a while, classes that are right for you and your skill level are available. Improve your memory, focus, and problem-solving abilities while engaging in one of the world’s oldest and most intellectually stimulating games. The rewards are truly endless, so why not take the leap and immerse yourself in the exciting world of chess?

List of Best chess classes in Perth

1. Perth Chess club

The Perth Chess Club is a club for seniors in the Northern Suburbs. The club meets every Wednesday from mid-January to early December. Most of the year, players participate in tournaments rated by the Australian Chess Federation (ACF) and involve playing one game per week at a slow pace.

The Perth Chess Club provides an opportunity for senior chess enthusiasts to come together and participate in weekly tournaments that are both competitive and enjoyable. The ACF rates these tournaments, meaning players can track their progress and compare their performance with other players in the Country.

The tournaments involve playing one game per week at slow time control, which allows players to think carefully about their moves and consider various strategies. This format also enables players to improve their chess skills and learn from their mistakes.

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2. Chess Association of Western Australia Inc.

This website provides comprehensive information about chess in Western Australia, primarily aimed at registered players of all ages. However, casual players and visitors are also welcome to browse the site. Suppose you still need to become a registered player. 

In that case, you can still view the site and consider joining the Chess Association of Western Australia (CAWA), allowing you to participate in tournaments and receive an official rating. You can find membership forms under the Administration section on the site.

If you offer your time to help CAWA organize events and competitions, it would be very helpful and appreciated by both the association and the people participating.

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3. Gatca Wa Chess Club

The Gatca Wa Chess Club is a community of chess players based in Nairobi, Kenya. It was founded in 2016 to promote the game of chess and bring together players of all levels and ages. Since its inception, the club has become one of Kenya’s most active and vibrant chess communities.

The club meets regularly to play chess, discuss strategy, and organize tournaments. Club members come from diverse backgrounds and include both amateur and professional players. The club welcomes everyone passionate about chess, regardless of their skill level.

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The Metropolitan Chess Club is a chess community-based in Melbourne. The club was founded in 1977 and has become one of the Country’s most active and respected chess clubs. 

The club welcomes players of all levels and ages and organizes tournaments, matches, and training sessions throughout the year. The club also participates in regional and national competitions and strongly focuses on promoting the game of chess to the wider community.





5. Southern Suburbs Chess Club

best chess claasses in houston

The Southern Suburbs Chess Club is a community of chess players based in Cape Town, South Africa. The club was founded in 1998 and has become one of the region’s most active and successful chess clubs. 

The club welcomes players of all levels and ages and organizes regular tournaments, matches, and training sessions. The club also participates in regional and national competitions and strongly focuses on promoting the game of chess to young people in the community.

The club also offers chess coaching and lessons for beginners to advanced players, with experienced coaches and trainers available to help players improve their game.

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In conclusion, Perth offers a variety of excellent chess classes for players of all ages and levels. Whether you are starting and want to learn the basics of chess or are already skilled and want to get even better, a class is available that will suit you and your needs. 

The best chess classes in Perth provide expert coaching, a supportive learning environment, and the opportunity to compete against other players. By taking advantage of these resources, you can enhance your skills and develop a lifelong love of the game. 

So if you want to improve your chess game, consider enrolling in one of Perth’s top-notch chess classes.

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