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5 Best Chess Classes in Delhi

Chess has been played for centuries and continues to intrigue and challenge people of all ages. The popularity of chess has led to the creation of various chess classes and training centers worldwide. 

Delhi, being one of the most vibrant cities in India, provides a plethora of chess classes to cater to the needs of its residents. If you are trying to look for chess classes in Delhi, you have come to the right place. 

Today’s blog will explore some of the Best Chess Classes in Delhi that provide expert training to beginners and advanced players. Whether you want to improve your skills, participate in tournaments, or have fun, these classes will help you achieve your goals. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into the chess world and discover some of the best chess classes in Delhi.

Delhi’s chess culture is very old. There are many chess grandmasters from Delhi. Also, All India Chess Federation’s secretary Mr. Bharat Singh Chauhan, is from Delhi.

1- Eminent Chess Academy 

The Eminent Chess Academy is known for providing the best chess classes in Delhi. It has been around since 2011 and has a team of highly efficient and qualified teachers who guide students toward a brighter future. 

The academy offers modern classrooms equipped with essential study tools and materials. It conducts lectures, seminars, and brainstorming sessions to help students with their exams and personality development. 

The Eminent Chess Academy also offers training on other important features, such as time management, stress management, and career guidance. Regular tests and exams are conducted to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

With its experienced staff and prominent location, finding the academy is easy. The academy’s success can be seen in the bright performance of its students year after year.

2- IGSF Chess Academy 

Indus Global Sports Foundation is an organization created by people who love chess and want to help others learn about it. They think chess is an important activity that can change people’s lives. It’s like exercising your brain – the more you play, the smarter you get! 

The Foundation offers chess lessons to many students, even those as young as five. They believe that everyone can benefit from learning how to play chess. It can improve your thinking skills, help you make better decisions, and even make you more confident. 

So if you’re interested in learning chess, the Indus Global Sports Foundation is a great place to start!

3- Sachin Malik Chess Coaching 

Sachin Malik Chess Coaching is a renowned institution that offers the best chess classes in Delhi. Sachin Malik Chess Coaching has a team of experienced coaches who have helped many students excel in chess. 

Their training methods are designed to cater to students of all skill levels. They have a track record of training students who have gone on to win many accolades in numerous tournaments. 

Sachin Malik Chess classes are designed to be interactive and engaging, making learning chess a fun experience for students. They offer a wide range of courses, including both individual and group coaching sessions. 

Students are taught various chess strategies, tactics, and techniques that can help them improve their game. It is an excellent place for anyone looking to gain knowledge and master the game of chess. 

With their experienced coaches, engaging classes, and impressive track record of success, they are worth considering for anyone looking for the best chess classes in Delhi.

4- Genius Chess Academy 

One of the best options to consider if you want to learn chess in Delhi. They offer personalized training for every player, regardless of skill level, from beginners to advanced. Highly qualified FIDE instructors of the academy are committed to helping their students develop into competent chess players. 

They work closely with each student to create an individual training plan that fits their needs and goals. The academy’s highly effective training methods have helped many students improve their game and reach their full potential. 

5- The Royal Chess Academy 

A place that provides the best chess classes in Delhi, where children can learn and master the game of chess in a fun and engaging way. The classes cater to students of different ages and skill levels, starting as young as 3.5 years old. 

The teaching methods are tailored to each student’s learning potential, utilizing the latest technical equipment to improve teaching effectiveness. Weekly homework is assigned to each student to reinforce the knowledge learned in class.

The academy aims to build strong chess players and promote unity among them and their families. They treat their students like their own, striving to make learning chess fun and to promote it as a hobby that reinforces happy and healthy lifestyles. 

Research shows that learning chess can enhance critical thinking, creative thinking, and planning abilities, and the academy strives to teach “The Royal Game” in a fun and safe environment. 


If you wish to improve your chess skills, you have various options. However, it’s important to research and find the best chess classes in Delhi that fit your needs and budget. Look for experienced and qualified instructors who can teach you the basic and advanced techniques of the game, as well as provide personalized attention and feedback. 

Additionally, consider location, class size, and teaching methodology to ensure a positive and productive learning experience. With the best chess classes in Delhi, you can develop your skills, improve your strategies, and advance your gameplay. 

We have compiled a list of the top-rated Chess Classes available across several cities. To find out about classes in other locations, simply visit our category page.

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