Benefits of chess


Hello Everyone! Chess as other sports has its special benefits. The beauty of chess is such that it attracts people of various ages, people can go on hours playing the game. The numerous possibilities, the unique way with which every piece moves,  the combinations, the psychological elements, the emotional touches, the joy of winning, the heartbreak of losing a winning game, the curiosity of whom are we playing in the next round, and much more… these are the things which make chess so special and attractive. Coming to the benefits part, I would like to share some benefits which we gain by playing chess.

1. Chess improves concentration, the ability to sit at one place, and focus on one thing increases. This process of staying focused on doing one thing is beneficial when doing work which demands huge concentration and requires perfection.

2. People who play chess are good at calculating various math problems. As the strength of a chess player increases so does his calculating ability. At times chess players have outclassed normal people when it comes to calculating ability.

3. The more games a person plays, his visualization increases. A person can visualize the further course of the game . In similar ways, if a person plays chess regularly, his ability to visualize the further course of action develops his intuition for day to day life.

4. The art of comparing situations, calculating various variations, and visualizing final positions one learns to compare which one is beneficial for him. Similarly when making decisions in life one can quickly compare the scenarios which will be lesser-evil for him.

5. The anticipation of what you might happen in the game is the same as anticipating how people will play psychological games with you in day to day life.

6. The decision-making ability of chess players is generally better than normal people. With the skills of calculation, visualization, comparison, etc a person builds his natural decision-making ability. This just increases the art of understanding hints on what common people give out when at the workplace etc.

7. Sometimes as in-game of chess and life, we need to take decisions on judgment, the experience of chess games helps us to make those judgments with accuracy.

8. Time management of a chess player is generally better than others as the habit of this game, we need to keep the balance of time as well while planning our moves.

9. Chess as every other sport teaches to never give up. Whatever tough situation arise we should give our best.

10. The patience to wait until your opponent makes a mistake has proven a vital quality for chess players during this period of lockdown.

11. Chess is the only sport that allows the visually impaired people to compete against sighted players on equal footing. Personally, this is the biggest achievement of chess as a sport. There are special board and pieces designed for the visually impaired players, apart from that, they just play in the same way as sighted players.

12. Combining all the above aspects we can say that competitive Chess also increases the IQ of people especially kids which has been scientifically proven.

13. There was an experiment carried out on prisoners a few years ago which was – they were taught chess for a specific duration and then there were inter prison tournaments, this changed their way of thinking towards life and gave them a positive approach!

14. Once you get used to normal chess you get to know about new variants in chess-like chess960, bughouse chess, 4 player chess, hand and brain, horde, atomic chess, and chess doubles also known as a tag team.

15. My favorite reason for playing chess is even this lockdown couldn’t stop it as there are several online tournaments going on daily, a lot of people are starting to learn chess.

So these were some benefits of chess, I am sure that if you haven’t taken up the sport yet I have given you ample reasons to do so! looking forward to reading your favorite reason/benefit to playing chess in the comments section. Thank You!